Friday, April 19, 2013

Now Im one of 10 lovely ladies having a gallery together....

I dont know if I have told you but Im taking a part in a Gallery in my hometown. 
It is nice to see my paintings on the walls and in the shelfs. 

I love to see my big paintings from Flora Bowley´s class from the window, 
think they look great. 

 The name of the gallery is Gallery 8 because  in the beginning there were 8 woman that did open the Gallery. 
Now we are 10 and soon we will be 12. 
We do work there about 10 hours in every month.

This is my shelf, dont to happy with it but Im going to make it my way as soon as I have time. I dont know if I like black frame, have always used white.

My friend is a crocket specialist, she makes necklace in all colors and shapes and they are looking great when one is wearing them. I do have three of them and one is my favorite.

I did take this one at the opening night, just before the guest arrived.

Have a Happy PPF all of you.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

°My new candles.. My new Greeting cards.. and a new Lovely Lady...

To day I was making new candles using my angel paintings.
 I think they came out nicely... Look a little dark on the photo but in light they look great. What do you think?

This week my new angel cards arrived, dont they look awesome?

And I also got my greeting cards where I did use my paintings 
from Flora Bowley´s class. They turned out beautiful. 
All my cards come with white envelope. 
Ill add them to my Etsy shop soon :)

And here is one of my new Lovely Ladies, Keep calm, carry on is written in her hair.

On friday Im going to be a part of a Gallery here in my hometown called Gallery8.
The Gallery is mowing to a new housing, a bigger one and with big windows.
Ill post photos later but if you want to take a look we do have a FB page
Have a beautiful weekend and a happy PPF.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Im painting a Lovely Lady again...

I was not going to make more Lovely Ladies but I cant stop, they are calling me, asking me to create them... 
So maybe Im going to make a new serie and then like this one with something more than just a face.
I love these colors, they match perfect with each other or I think so..
Another on my desk waiting to be finished.
This painting Im going to name Follow your heart... but the girls name is April..
as she was born April the first....
Have a beautiful day..
Love you..