Sunday, July 27, 2014

One more

When I start doing something I like I cant stop..
I did buy 3 sets of wood for this class with Mary Jane at Artful Gathering.
Now I have finished painting and collage them all but I have two trading blocks left.
Don´ t know what to do with them but I´m sure if I start Ill come up with something.

This is my nr. 3 girl. I think she is wonderful all dressed up in pink and purple.

Here you have all three of them, think they all look great, each of them in their own way.

Have a great day and leave me a message :)


Friday, July 25, 2014

Best friends forever and ever...

What do you think.. I think they look gorgeous..
You would make me very happy by leaving a comment :)
 I have one more to make..
You have to take a visit again if you want to see how she will look.

Have a great day


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Take a look at my new artwork..

Im taking a new class from Atrful Gathering
The Imaginariam: Anthologies of an Art Doll with Mary Jane Cadbourne
Im having so good time making my girls and it is so nice seeing what the others are making.
Im working on another one, she will be different but still with the same colors and style. 
Ill post more photos later.

Have a beautiful day


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A new winner from my Blog Hop....

Im a little late to announce the winner as I have been away for few days.
I did ask my daughter to give me a number and she did...
My last winner was in Australia but this time the vinner lives in Canada
And the vinner is.......

Jeanette MacDonald

I have contacted her to let her know and she got so excited.

Now I have to find something very nice to send to her :-)

Thanks to all of you that stopped by and left a comment for me to read.

Have a beautiful week


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Blog Hop, the second week.

A new Blog Hop is here and now the theme is face..
I have been doing a lot of faces, all kind of faces so I thought it would be easy to make one for this blog hop.. but Im totally not happy with my face today, maybe I was in to much hurry as I was traveling this weekend.
But this is what you get this time, will try to make my next face nicer.

I know you love to see the process so I had my Ipad with me and tried to take a photo here and there so you could follow me.
I did start with the help lines.

So far I loved my drawing, the face looked so nice and I loved her long neck..
so easy to make a face if you have the helplines :)

I did start painting with Neocolors and at this step still love my painting, wish I had stopped there but I did continue..

Now I have added some Acryl paint and collage paper and now I think she has started looking bad. I did have to remove the collage paper as I did not let it dry and made a hole in it.. I always find it hard to wait while my paintings are drying.

I wanted to make a Mandala for the background but it was not so easy should have started with the Mandala. Here I have removed the collage paper.

At this point I just wanted to finish my painting so I did add some lines and a little doodle here and there..

Her she is, my face for this Blog Hop. 
I don´t ask for much but I hope that you like to see the process.

As last time there is a list of my fellow Blog Hoppers, please visit their blog and leave a comment for  a change to win a giveaway but don´t forget to leave a comment for me and you might be the lucky winner and get something nice from me :)

Have a great week


Here is the list.. Guada started yesterday and now it is my turn.