Friday, August 26, 2016

My little exhibition..

Next weekend Im having a little 3 days exhibition.
We are having a town festival in my hometown and Im taking part
 one more time by having an exhibition.
 This summer I have been painting and painting as I was going to take a part in an exhibition in Kerala, India but I had to make a last minute cancel.
So now Im having a lot of paintings all over my house.
I name my exhibition All you need is love... named after one of my paintings.
Wish you all were here and could come and join me.

Have a great weekend


Monday, August 8, 2016

Layer by layer :)

Like always I´m painting.. I did start working on this one last winter but was not happy so I decided to keep it for some time. Yesterday I started again added layer by layer of bright and beautiful colours and when i was happy I washed it with white, something I learned long time ago but had forgotten all about it until I saw one one line teacher use this Technic. 
Im quite happy with my girls and owl now but far away from finished.

Hope you have a very nice week.

Ill start working later this week... would love a longer vacation.


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

This summer I have been painting a lot...

I took a class by lovely Jenny Grant but she was the host when I
 was in Stockholm last summer taking Tracy Verdugo´s class Paint Mojo. 

Jenny´s class was on Life Book, a year long class with
 new teacher every week and a lot of 
new method to learn in every class.

I wanted to use brighter colours and I did 
add a little gold on the Mandalas.

I like them but I feel like I´m not finished yet, 
have to add a little here and there..

Have a great week