Friday, June 28, 2013

It is Friday again..

How come it is Friday again, time is passing by to fast for me..
This week I have been very busy. I was getting my gift cards from the printer and I did go to few shops in Reykjavík and some did buy cards from me and are going to sell in their shop, thats feels good.... and few told me to come back in august after the sales :)

Now I have them in two sizes, small and big :)
They look so good and the paper quality is great as the colors. 

This is a watercolor painting I made of a famous mountain here in Iceland, called Snæfellsjökull

and here is another one. I have sold many of those in the gallery, turist buy them mostly. 

And in all the busy time I could finis this one, now I only have one more left to finish. I love to paint my angels, this is the only one that has short hair, dont know if I like it. 
The stamp around the angel that is like a feather is from Kristin Powers, Kae Pea, 
this is her FB page. She makes many nice stamps.
I bought a surprise bag from her once and she did send me few things and this stamp.
Love it.

One of my favorite Mixed Media artist is Juliette Crane. She does paint such a beautiful owls, bears, girls and other beautiful things. In many of her painting you can see dream catcher. I did not know what it was so I did a search on  Google and found a video on youtube to make.. and I did make one for me to have next to my bed. I dont know why I did add one black feather, I dont like that one and Im always going to change it for a purple one, Ill do it one day :) maybe the black one catches the bad dreams :)

Thats all for now

Have a beautiful weekend all of you and a happy PPF :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I need more time in my life.... so that I can create more...

Finally the summer is here, no more school, no more students.... 
8 weeks of holidays and I pray for the sun and good weather as 
Im staying at home not doing anything special except create.... and create a lot.

Last weekend I made few origami crane and took them to the gallery.
 I love all these colors and different pearls. 

As I have sold all my other whimsy angels I had to make a new one, 
I had two unfinished so now I have only one more of my whimsy angels to paint. 
I think I like this one, think she is peaceful with her candle.
Even the green color is looking pretty good, most of the time 
I dont like green colors at all...
but my eyes are green :)

The day before yesterday I did go through my Life Book file. 
I have so many classes to finish. 
One of the classes was there screaming at me to start working right now... 
that was a class with Mitsi B. 
I enjoyed it so much as I made this painting, 
working with my fingers, brushes, brayer, sticks and paper. 
This one is made of 6 x A4 watercolor papers that I did glue together.
Most of the time Im trying to make a pretty face 
but this time I did not. 
It was like drawing like a child. 
Im in love with this painting, think she is **frameable** as one 
lady said in one of my groups on FB. 
As you can see I love to create, I love to create in different ways.
Try new things and trying not to be scared of things I have never tried before.
But sometimes I think, why dont you try to find your own way, your own style and create. 
That´s not easy as I love to learn, I am always studying, learning new things.
I love to create....
I love to create....
I love to create....

Have a beautiful weekend and a happy PPF to all of you..

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Few things I have to show you :)

Do you remember My Lovely Ladies? This one is one of them, the one I love a lot, think she is fabulous with her little bird on her shoulder.

Few days ago I tried to make one at work, 
I had some clay left that I was about to throw away 
but decided to try to make one of my ladies in stead. 
I think she came out beautiful and Im going to make few 
like this one and paint and maybe add some mosaik 
to the bird and her neck.
What do you think about her?

One more thing I want to show you. 
If you look at the brush that is laying on my 
new painting you can see that it is a big chines one. 
This is my favorite brush believe it or not. 
Think you should buy one and try, 
It is unbelievable how easy it is to paint with one, 
but it was an expensive one.
And I have painted all of this and the next one to 
with only this brush and neocolor.
Looking good or not?

 These are old drawings that I have to finish so I took them to my 
sofa corner with my big brush and neocolorbox.There I painted them. 
Now I have to use withe acryl color so I cant do more painting in my sofa. 
Im hoping that they will turn out beautiful. 
Have a beautiful day, all of you and a happy PPF :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I love this one...

My new Mixed Media painting..

Sometimes I dont like my paintings at all but this time Im totally in love with my new mixed media painting.

It all started with a long canvas, 10x40 cm.
First I did glue all kind of stuff to it. Like you see then Im using butterfly, man, socks, 
letters and all kind of stuff..

When the glue was dried I did paint  over it with a thin golden fluid, did use my two favorite colors.

The next step was to use some stamps to make some nice effect. 

When that was finished I did add a tissue paper over the whole thing.

I did draw the face on another pice of tissue paper.

Then I had to go shopping..... I did find a sweater that I thought would fit the face..

Now it was glue time and I had to cut it so it did fit on the canvas.

Now I had to start painting the face and her cloths. I did start with soft colors and thin.

Then I had to add some more colors and work with her face, i
t was not an easy job but in the end I was happy. I did add a collar to her
 sweater, love how it looks. 

Now it was decorate time, painted a little bird on her head, added wings 
on her shoulders, painted her collar and fixed her hand.

The last thing I did was to glue a text I love, it says ..She believed in kindness.. 
Now my beautiful angel was ready.
I kissed her goodbye and took her to the gallery.
I dont mind if she does not sell, then Ill take her home again in two weeks or so..
And she will be mine ♥♥♥

Have a beautiful weekend and happy ppf..