Saturday, August 31, 2019

Workshop with Tracy Verdugo from Australia

In August 2019 I was so lucky to take a workshop again with the 
adorable Tracy Verdugo.
The workshop was held in Son Norway hosted by my friend 
Tove Marie Hunt Sörensen.
The workshop was so great, many old friends
 there and new too. 
This was a very international group. We were from Australia, 
England, France, Sweden, USA, Iceland and Norway.

Here I'm with my wonderful friend Tracy Verdugo who 
came all the way from Australia to have a workshop for us.

With my dear friend Tove the host, from Son, Norway
I have taken a class from her too.

The three amigos met again.
Valérie from France, I form Iceland and Mette from Norway.
We met in an online class year 2012 and have been good friends since then..
This was the third time we met in person.

Window in Son

Garden in Son

Many boat owner lives in Son

Beautiful view from the workshop.

Hope you are having a great weekend.
I was going to, but I'm sick with a flue...


Wednesday, March 27, 2019


I love to paint birds.
I did one bird painting in November 2017.
It was a very colorful painting 
with a lot of birds.
I really liked that painting.
It was sold in an exhibition in September 2017.

What do you think, I love them.

Have a wonderful day


Monday, March 25, 2019


My painting on a church exhibition. 
The theme was the Easter and I painted my visions of the resurrection.
That one is a big one. 100x150 cm.
I love to paint big.

Tell me what you think.

Have a nice day.


Saturday, March 23, 2019

Now, this is my first blog for a long, long time.
I hope I can add in here everything arty I have been doing since I wrote the last blog post.

In September 2017 I painted a few fish paintings.
I started to paint a black background and then used white chalk to draw.
After painting, I washed the paintings a few times and then it was time to doddle.
I was very happy with the results.

So what do you think?

Thank you for visiting my blog and don't feel shy to leave a comment.

Have a nice day 


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

About to start my blog again :)

Hi all.
Now Im about to start my blog again. Been little busy using Instagram and Facebook but now I have got the feeling for blogging again. Hope Ill get many visitors, Im going to add a lot of photos as I have a bunch to work with. 
See you very soon :) 


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I took a workshop in Norway again :)

In Oktober, I went to Norway for a long weekend workshop.
It was Kurs - finn din flyt i farger og sinn (find your flow in colour and mind).
By Tove Marie Hunt Sörensen and Elisabeth Brochmann Refring.
It was a great weekend with a lot of paint and laughter.

The workshop was held in a beautiful place called Sem gjestegård and is just outside Asker. 
The hotel was very nice with a lot of old furniture and things all over the place.
The rooms were good and the food great.

We were 10 girls painting and painting and in between, there was
 a little mindfulness which I liked very much.

The colours of the autumn are beautiful in Norway and I
brought a little sample of it with me to Iceland.

Have a great day 


Sunday, October 8, 2017

Doll making :)

This week I have been making paper mache dolls.
First I had to start with the inside and then add the clay.

After covering the inside I had to make the faces and accessories like the heart and the crown.

I like to start with a black paint, don't know why but I think it gives a great tone, maybe I'm wrong.

Finding the face.

Nowe it was time to paint, first I had to make a blend I liked.

Next was to start with the face.

Then it was the polish with brown colour.

She agrees. 

Look how innocent she is.

She is spontaneous.

She is curious.


She doesn't chare.

I love them, each and every one.

Hope you like my dolls. One is sold already.

Have a wonderful week.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

This summer I have been painting and painting... :)

I don't know where to start..
In May I went to Norway to take a class from Jenny Grant.
There I was over a weekend painting with my friends from Tracye Verdugo class two years in Sweden and of course some new friends. 
We had a wonderful weekend in beautiful weather, painting, eating, drinking and painting more.

The local in Fredriksberg was great

Jenny Grant is a fabulous teacher.

Beautiful Fredrikstad


Start drawing

With my dear friends Mette from Norway and Valerie from France

We had such a great time, I love taking workshops.

I'll write a new post very soon, the summer is almost finished.

Hope you had a great one


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

New painting..

I did star working on this one when I took a workshop in Norway in May.
The teacher was Jenny Grant.
I had a wonderful time, painting for 3 days with wonderful friends both old and new.
Can't wait for the next workshop we take together.
Jenny the teacher is an angel, I became her friend in some online FB group and then I took her class in LB and then she was the host for Tracys class in Sweden two years ago.

And here is another one, this one is old, always trying to finish with this one but never happy, think Ill collage over her and start all over again.

Have a great day all of you :)