Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search

Today the announcement for the Global Talent Search competition was made. 
There where 999 entries and out of them 50 designs are  going through to the next round. 
I was one of the 999, and I did not go through for the next round.
This time it was all about Terrarium, It was fun to make and Im very happy with my painting even though I did not get through. 

You can see all 999 artworks and Im so happy being on the first page, then I did not have to go through many pages to find it. 

Hope that you take a look, there are so many beautiful artworks there.

Here are the whole group and here art the one going through for round 2.

Have a beautiful day


Monday, August 25, 2014

One more ATB

I have to show you this one, she looks so dreamy :) 
Love making these small blocks, going to make many many more :) 
I might add them to my Etsy shop one day.

Have a beautiful day


Saturday, August 23, 2014

My new ATB

I have been busy today making new artist trading blocks.
Love making those little girls.

This is my girl nr. 4

My girl nr. 3 

My gilrl nr. 2

My first girl

Love all of them.
Tell me what you think of them by leaving a comment, 
that would make me very happy :)

Have a great day


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Make it in design, brief 2.

This is my second assignment for MIID (make it in design).
I have learned a little about Ai and Ps, learning something every day. Im not happy with it but I love the colors.
While trying to learn Ai and buying a class from Skillshare I found out about a online class with Bonnie Christine, hosted by Creative Live what a great class. Now Im looking at all the videos again and learning and learning. 
I think my third assignment will be made in AI, I hope so :) Im going to practice and practice :)

Have a beautiful day

Friday, August 15, 2014

Make it in design

Im always trying something new.

I have seen on FB that so many are making patters, all kind of pattern so I did start searching for more to see. Then I found out about Make it in design summer school.
I joined without knowing much about it as there was a beginner track.
I have never worked in Photoshop or Illustrator so what to do,
 I had to learn to use Ps and Ai. 

I signed up for a class..es at Skillshare and have spent hours by hours 
going through the programs trying to learn and Im learning.

I have now submitted two assignments, the first one was so simple and not a pattern at all but could easily be changed to pattern if I had the knowledge . It was so much work learning how to cut out all my fishes and mixing them together on a new layer. 
The theme was  Tropical Paradise.

Next brief has the theme Tribal Shapes. I submitted my work few minutes ago. That shows a pattern, a pattern like that one we use for knitting here in Iceland. 

It took me hours to make but in the end I found out how I could have copied and pasted every item as soon as I did make them in stead of using the pen tool making every little thing I made. Ill show you the results in few days. Maybe I should have used more time adding outlines but I did not.. I don't know how to :) 

Have a beautiful day


Sunday, August 10, 2014

She is beautiful

As you might know then I did take a class... 

Imaginarium Doll from Artful Gathering
Teacher was the wonderful Mary Jane Chadbourne.

I really enjoyed this class where we made dolls on wood. I did make 3 dolls, you can see them in my last blogpost.

I did also make this Artist Trading Block
Love this one, she is different from my dolls but has this soft face and beautiful colors.

Now I have one block left, you have to come back to see how she will turn out 

Have a beautiful day