Friday, January 25, 2013

My January 2013

This is a crazy January... 
First I had my birthday, that day went well.
Had a visit form one of my systers and we had something good to eat while talking.

I did start Life Book 2013... that was a must..

A great thing happend, I got Featuring Magazine in my hands..

This is a mixed media magazine, printed in Holland, a international magazine.
I was invited to have one of my Ladies on the back... 

Her you can see her, the first in the 5 row to the left, one inch 

Bad thing happend to... I had a car accident. Driving home and the car that came on the other side of the road lose one of his tire and the tire came strait to my car and destroyed it, my best car ever..

I had to get lift home, my car was taken away by some guys on a truck to a workshop..

 But before I lost my car I had been shopping canvas for Flora Bowleys class starting now on monday.. I cant wait... Ill post a lot of pictures from that class as soon as I have something to show... I have not been working on an abstract before... exciting.

And this girls I have been finishing one after another, still have two more to finish..

And one more thing.... on monday I did start knitting online.... you know what I mean.. every day I get a new recipe

And I have to tell you one more thing.... in the beginning of January I did have my visitor nr. 10.000

So this has been a busy January as you can see.. 

Have a beautiful weekend and a happy ppf to all of you...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

True intentions

This is project no. 3 at the Life Book.
The teacher is Monica Zuniga

I had a big problem with this one, not the painting but finding out what to do.. trying to understand I did this one. I did use a photo of my daughter, made her a beautiful dress but she thinks I made her look fat..... I have been glueing, removing, panting, coloring and stamping, 8 hours work, now Im going to stop..

Im quite happy with my work, love the colors and I love the dress 
I made for my daughter using scrapbooks paper I had :)

Have a beautiful weekend 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Celebration & Journey, Life Book 2013

As you maybe know, then I signed up for Life Book 2013.
Could not think of a year without Life Book and all the lovely people there.
Here is my second project, week 1, teacher Tamara Laporte.
Great lesson..

On my Celebration & Journey I will be sailing on a Houseboat on the beautiful backwaters of Kerala, India. 
I had to add the little Indian girl there, she was so lovely showing me her newly decorated hands 
once I met her on the Fort Kochi beach in Kerala. 
Ill ask her to carry my blessing and goal ballons.. 

Have a wonderful weekend and a happy PPF

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Life Book 2013

I did start this blog one year ago as I was starting a one year class, Life Book, hosted by wonderful Tamara Laporte at her Willowing. 

This year has gone so fast and I cant tell you how much I have learned this year.
20 something teachers always something new every other week and sometimes every week.

I was not going to sign up again this year but Im so glad I did. There has already been 3 classes and all the assignment are so super cool that I would not have missed learning how to make them.

This first assignment was to create The Fairy Mother Art and as I love to add birds to my painting I had to add few... And as we are from all over the world taking this class I thought it was a brilliant idea to make her stand on the global..

Now you just have to visit my blog every other week to see what we will be creating there..
Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend and happy PPF to all of you

Friday, January 4, 2013

I am the lucky one...

Some days when nothing is working as it should then Im getting a letter from such a nice lady inviting my to take her class for free.... 

Im not going to tell you what kind of class, you have to wait until March...
It is going to bee so cool taking her class, doing something new but something that interest me very much.

To day I finally had time to paint a little. 
Christmas is over and I did not paint at all or nearly.. 

The time did fly away from me and suddenly I was back in school teaching this morning. 

I had one drawing laying on my desk at school, I did start doodle a little and then I took it with me home and did not stop until I was finished.. This is just a little angel with two beautiful birds.. 
I love adding birds to my paintings :)

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend.. and happy PPF to you..

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My words for year 2013

In one of my groups we are choosing words for year 2013

My word for 2012 was gratitude 

I have chosen two words for year 2013

One is Blossom
the other 
is Creativity

that means

Im going to Blossom in my Creativity
year 2013

Happy new year....

Happy new year.. and a new Lovely Lady..

Im starting the new year with a few new Lovely Ladies.
Using my new ink and some colors I did order from some lovely shop online.
The fun with the ink is that it comes through the acryl so the white colors so look like pink after few layers..

To day is my birthday... Yea.... 

Happy birthday to meeee....