Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I took a workshop in Norway again :)

In Oktober, I went to Norway for a long weekend workshop.
It was Kurs - finn din flyt i farger og sinn (find your flow in colour and mind).
By Tove Marie Hunt Sörensen and Elisabeth Brochmann Refring.
It was a great weekend with a lot of paint and laughter.

The workshop was held in a beautiful place called Sem gjestegård and is just outside Asker. 
The hotel was very nice with a lot of old furniture and things all over the place.
The rooms were good and the food great.

We were 10 girls painting and painting and in between, there was
 a little mindfulness which I liked very much.

The colours of the autumn are beautiful in Norway and I
brought a little sample of it with me to Iceland.

Have a great day 


Sunday, October 8, 2017

Doll making :)

This week I have been making paper mache dolls.
First I had to start with the inside and then add the clay.

After covering the inside I had to make the faces and accessories like the heart and the crown.

I like to start with a black paint, don't know why but I think it gives a great tone, maybe I'm wrong.

Finding the face.

Nowe it was time to paint, first I had to make a blend I liked.

Next was to start with the face.

Then it was the polish with brown colour.

She agrees. 

Look how innocent she is.

She is spontaneous.

She is curious.


She doesn't chare.

I love them, each and every one.

Hope you like my dolls. One is sold already.

Have a wonderful week.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

This summer I have been painting and painting... :)

I don't know where to start..
In May I went to Norway to take a class from Jenny Grant.
There I was over a weekend painting with my friends from Tracye Verdugo class two years in Sweden and of course some new friends. 
We had a wonderful weekend in beautiful weather, painting, eating, drinking and painting more.

The local in Fredriksberg was great

Jenny Grant is a fabulous teacher.

Beautiful Fredrikstad


Start drawing

With my dear friends Mette from Norway and Valerie from France

We had such a great time, I love taking workshops.

I'll write a new post very soon, the summer is almost finished.

Hope you had a great one


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

New painting..

I did star working on this one when I took a workshop in Norway in May.
The teacher was Jenny Grant.
I had a wonderful time, painting for 3 days with wonderful friends both old and new.
Can't wait for the next workshop we take together.
Jenny the teacher is an angel, I became her friend in some online FB group and then I took her class in LB and then she was the host for Tracys class in Sweden two years ago.

And here is another one, this one is old, always trying to finish with this one but never happy, think Ill collage over her and start all over again.

Have a great day all of you :) 


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Five woman in the wood

I love playing with colours and different media.
This painting is made with acrylic, paper, ink and love.

I love the bright colours shining through the darkness.

This one is for sale

Looking good in everyone's room

Have a great evening.


The creative revolution e - course with Flora Bowley

I did take a class with Flora Bowley.. The Creative Revolution E-Course.
It was different from the first class I took with her.
In this class we made a lot of different exercises like you can see here.

Playing with watercolors


 Playing with ink and a homemade tool to scribble with. 

I really enjoyed the class but I did not finish it and now it is too late. Typical me


Have a nice week


Sunday, March 12, 2017

New painting...

This is my newest painting, Size 70 x 90 cm.
I love this one. Love the colours, so bright and 

Painted on canvas with Golden acrylic paint and ink.

Have a great day


Friday, February 24, 2017

Printmaking class last weekend

Im always trying something new.
Last weekend I took a printmaking class.
I did learn a lot both about cutting and printing.
The teacher was fabulous but her name is Elva and I think she is having
 exhibition in California just now.
You can see her page here

 Here you can see few of the prints I did make.
Hope you like what you see.

Printmaking is just fun.

Have a wonderful weekend.