Friday, August 31, 2012

My fourth exhibition this year... now Im going to take a brake..

Yesterday I did open my fourth exhibition. We are having a festival in my hometown and having art and design shows all over the town. The festival is from thursday to sunday.

Im having my Lovely Ladies with me, both in frames and also my new production of memory cards to hang on the refrigerator. 

and my magnet bookmarks 

and of cours my beautiful year book 2013 and my sketch books.

Ill tell you later how the weekend vent but I can tell you now that the opening was a succes..

Im smiling all way round.. :-)

Happy PPF to all of you, have a beautiful weekend..

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My newest Lovely Lady..

Here is my newest Lovely Lady, she is amazing, just the way she is. 
I think she is a blend of my Ladys and my Angels, she has a long neck like my Angels but a big nose as my Ladys. Hope you like her..

My last exhibition this year, hopefully..

Next thursday Im opening my fourth exhibition this year, thats little to much. We are having a festival in my hometown Keflavík. ( )
I have been painting and painting and now I have to take a little brake as the school have started and Im back to work. 

Last weekend I did take a part in a little project. We had Reykjavík Cultur Night. 
A great design store called Kirsuberjatréið situated in downtown Reykjavík
( ) 
had a suitcase market. You could  ask to get a spot and I did. 
We were 27 people who took apart and everyone could bring design or artwork they could pack in one suitcase, a chair and a little desk. I brought my cards in a small suitcase. This was a sunny and beautiful day and Reykjavík was full of people. 

You can see me there wearing my black dress in the front, I thought I would melt down it was such a warm day. I did not take any photos, forgot my camera at home but I did find this one on the internet. Many people liked my cards and bought some and that made me very happy 

Yesterday night I was just sitting down watching tv, Im the one that always have to be knitting or drawing so as I sat in my chair with my dog in my lap I did draw two Ladys on a caffe mug, I needed one for my work. It was fun you should try.

First I made this one 

And then I made this one on the other side 

PPF friends, Im so sorry but I dont have had time to comment on all your lovely artworks, I do go in to the page now and then to see what you are making but I need few more hours in my day to have time to do all the things I want to do. 

Have a wonderful PPF weekend ❤ ❤ 

Monday, August 20, 2012

The best comment ever..

Last week I signed in to a new class, Angels in my studio. I did that knowing that I was not having time to take all the classes they have. I found this class by teacher Claudia Olivios very interesting.
This is all about layers by layers, stamping, cutting and painting and painting over again. I wanted to use silver leaf, I have never used them and I found it very difficult but at the end I think I know the best way to use them, just have to be patient...
This pink colored angel was the first one I made and I was very happy with my work.

This one is nr. 2 she is a little different from the first one, maybe because she is smaller. I dont know, but I like her, think the orange - blue work great together and the little bird looks so cute on her hand.

This one is nr. 3 and I have one more to go. This time I did use gold leaf and I think that is ok too. I did little more than stamping, I did some doodling too.. Most of the time I dont like the color of gold but I think she looks good with the gold around her head. 

I was just now as I write this getting comment from the teacher and that made my heart smile, she said..

I am absolutely THRILLED by your work Sigga! 

that´s not bad..

Happy PPF to all of you :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Guardian Angels

I did find a little time for my self and made four more Guardian Angels, they came out very nice. I did order some white carton and I have bought few frames.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Work in progress..or maybe Im done..

 Im working on this one now, painting over an old painting that I didn't really like..
I did cut the dress form a magazine and painted the face and the background.

I had to paint the rest of the skirt and it looks better on the last photo.

Then it was the background,,, I had to take a time before I did start working on the background.

She is cute....isn´t she
I think it looks ok, but what to do with the rest.... think, think, think...

Now I think Im done,,, might put on a little red lipstick...
What do you think?
Happy PPF to all of you.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A happy customer

 She is even more lovely if that is possible in person. I adore everything about her, especially her nose! 

Those words came from a happy customer who bought my card, she made my heart jump, how nice of her, hope she dont mind if I write her words here..

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