Sunday, August 5, 2012

A happy customer

 She is even more lovely if that is possible in person. I adore everything about her, especially her nose! 

Those words came from a happy customer who bought my card, she made my heart jump, how nice of her, hope she dont mind if I write her words here..

You are welcome to visit my page


  1. Encouraging words are wonderful things. Your ladies are wonderful!!!

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  3. No, I do not mind at all. She is sitting here on my desk looking at her self on your blog page! LOL
    I love her. And I even put your ICON on my side bar so hopefully others will find your wonderful art cards too from my blog.
    Thanks again for the quick delivery. I'll know I'll want more when I am able. ;-))))

    1. Thank you so much Lynn I have to go to your side to take a look.. You are always welcome :-)

  4. That sounds great! Congrats on the sale. :)