Saturday, September 29, 2012

My favorit Mixed Media Art books..

Im a big fan...
I love to order books and I do order books..
Here Im going to tell you about my favorite books..

Im going to start on my favorite book after my favorite Mixed Media girl, Kelly Rae Roberts.
 I do so much love her work and now I´m taking her E-cours, Flying Lesson. I cant describe how much I admire her for giving all this information to all of us taking her class she is now having for the last time. 
My visitor to my blog have increased from being one and one to almost 100 or more over the day. 
I just love that girl.

This book is a must. 
She is written by the adorable Flora Bowley. 
It is a beautiful book. 
I bought that book, sat down with it and I did not stand up until I had finished reading it. I just love the way she write and the photos are just fabulous.
 I love the way she is into Yoga and meditation as well as she paint. 
I hope I can take her class one day. Or.. Im going to take her class one day..

Suzy is fun. 
I love to watch her video. 
I love her girls and I love the way she show us how to make. 
I did order these Prisma colors pencils but I was not as happy with them as she is. 
But of cours you can use what ever you want. 
I love the photos in this book, so many and so many how to do things. 
This is a book I grab over and over again, just to get inspired.

This book is a must too. 
On the back it says. 
Inside Art Saves, experience the stories of 20 artist who found that artistic expression and the artistic process is worth living for. 
20 very interesting artist tell their story. 
A beautiful book full of photos and as I said just a must..

Surface Treatment Workshop is a great book too. 
I go through this book many times and always see something that interest me. 
It shows 45 techniques, Multiple variations and it has an Inspirational style.
This is my new book only arriving yesterday. 
I have not had time to read it but I hope it is a good one. 
The autor is Mati Rose McDonough. Cant wait to start reading.

MY favorit magazines are Somerset Studio and Cloth paper scissors
I can only get CPS here in Iceland but I have to order Somerset Studio from the USA. 
I would like to know about more magazines so please leave me a comment if you know of some and too if you know of some "must have books"

Have a beautiful weekend and happy PPF, where ever you are in the world.

♥ ♥ 


  1. Hi Sigga - I'm a fellow "flyer". Thanks for this great list of books. I like to draw/paint/collage for fun and a couple of your recommendations look like they would help me!

    1. Hi Valerie, I hope that you will find them as interesting as I do. Most of them we can take a preview on Amazon.

  2. Hi Sigga! I enjoyed your post. It looks like something I would like to try when I have time someday. You gave me a place to start. Thanks, June Maddox

  3. Thanks for sharing your list of books they look aspiring think I know where I am hading next, I better hide my credit card!

    1. Tell me about hiding credit cards... sometimes I dont think just order... so easy.

  4. Thank you for sharing your favourite book list, I also have a few of these, they help so much when inspiration is failing. Happy PPF, Annette x

    1. That is how I feel Netty, just have to open them and then I want to start creating.

  5. Thanks for the list!! I took Kelly Raes ecourse, fabulous generous info!! You missed Mystele, I thought for sure you'd be influenced by her work!! Your style reminds me of her!! However I don't think she has a book...but she should!! Happy ppf!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Giggles, Mystele is going to have a special blog here. I just admire her and her work. Because of her Im making my Lovely Ladies..

  6. Replies
    1. I love all of these books Mary and there are so many waiting for me at Amazon..

  7. What a great book list. I haven't read any of these, but I want to, now. I'm taking Flora's e-course and if her book is anything like it - its fabulous. I highly recommend. Art Saves is the one the piqued my interest, so that may be my next read. Thanks for sharing your reading list!! happy PPF

    1. Welcome Marji, Floras book is a diamond, her story, the pictures, the quality of the book, just everything about her book is great.

  8. WOW! That's a really nice collection! Should keep in mind next time when I am out looking for something inspiring:)
    Hope you are doing fine Sigga:)

  9. Sigga, on second thoughts...I remembered this book 'Paint on Paper' by Angie Franke and Monique Day-Wilde. It has over 130 techniques to decorate paper. I thought that's interesting!

  10. Thank you Deepa, I have added it to my wishlist on Amazon.

  11. What a long list of books to read and learn from.
    I like the art of Danny Gregory and have several of his books, some are full of other artists works. He has a blog to follow as well and a video I love which I think is called "Breakfast".

    I missed seeing YOUR art here today, boo hoo!

    1. Thank you Lynn, I have been so busy moving things from 3 rooms trying to make a place for me to create that I have not had time to paint, only made one painting for the Live Book but my scanner is not working, don´t know why so I did not have a good one to add..

  12. I have not read one of these, I must get too it, I am a jewelry artist, but my whispers are telling me to paint and do mixed media. I'll look these up!
    Your fellow flyer, Chandra