Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A picture of me....and from my husbands 50 years birthday..

Most of the time I dont like photos taken of me... but that one I kind of like..
It was taken in my husbands 50 years birthday party.
We did invite our family and friends, 120 invited 110 arrived.

The food was to good.... Tabas and Sushi.. and the taste was gorgeous..
We had a guy playing guitar and singing and everyone was singing along. I love party´s when people are eating, drinking and singing. 
And we had another guy coming playing his guitar and singing and then we started dancing, what a fun night we had.

The day after..

My husband did get so many nice birthdays gifts, our home was filled with packet and flowers.. not bad.

I loved those gifts, wine and a flowers...

Now I just have to wait for the next celebration but my son is becoming a father one of these days. He and his girlfriend have been waiting since 13. of september and today is the 19. of september so it will happen soon..

Have a beautiful day all of you..

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