Saturday, September 29, 2012

My favorit Mixed Media Art books..

Im a big fan...
I love to order books and I do order books..
Here Im going to tell you about my favorite books..

Im going to start on my favorite book after my favorite Mixed Media girl, Kelly Rae Roberts.
 I do so much love her work and now I´m taking her E-cours, Flying Lesson. I cant describe how much I admire her for giving all this information to all of us taking her class she is now having for the last time. 
My visitor to my blog have increased from being one and one to almost 100 or more over the day. 
I just love that girl.

This book is a must. 
She is written by the adorable Flora Bowley. 
It is a beautiful book. 
I bought that book, sat down with it and I did not stand up until I had finished reading it. I just love the way she write and the photos are just fabulous.
 I love the way she is into Yoga and meditation as well as she paint. 
I hope I can take her class one day. Or.. Im going to take her class one day..

Suzy is fun. 
I love to watch her video. 
I love her girls and I love the way she show us how to make. 
I did order these Prisma colors pencils but I was not as happy with them as she is. 
But of cours you can use what ever you want. 
I love the photos in this book, so many and so many how to do things. 
This is a book I grab over and over again, just to get inspired.

This book is a must too. 
On the back it says. 
Inside Art Saves, experience the stories of 20 artist who found that artistic expression and the artistic process is worth living for. 
20 very interesting artist tell their story. 
A beautiful book full of photos and as I said just a must..

Surface Treatment Workshop is a great book too. 
I go through this book many times and always see something that interest me. 
It shows 45 techniques, Multiple variations and it has an Inspirational style.
This is my new book only arriving yesterday. 
I have not had time to read it but I hope it is a good one. 
The autor is Mati Rose McDonough. Cant wait to start reading.

MY favorit magazines are Somerset Studio and Cloth paper scissors
I can only get CPS here in Iceland but I have to order Somerset Studio from the USA. 
I would like to know about more magazines so please leave me a comment if you know of some and too if you know of some "must have books"

Have a beautiful weekend and happy PPF, where ever you are in the world.

♥ ♥ 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My little granddaughter..

This little prinsess was born on 23. september 2012 and she is my granddaughter..
Her father is my son and he has a beautiful girlfriend.
I love my new role, grandmother, sounds good.

she is adorable.. dont you think..

Saturday, September 22, 2012

My story year 2012

It all started with a single Lady...

This is my Lovely lady nr.4 
I dont know how many I have made this year but it all started with Life Book.
Life Book is an online class hosted by wonderful Tam. 
The class takes over one year from "my birhtday" january the 1. 2012 and it does end Desember 31. 2012.
Whole year of creative days, new teacher every other week and many times extra lesson on the free weeks.
One of the teachers is Mystele and something happen to me at her class. Sinch her class I think I have made about 50 Lovely Ladyes and I maybe have 8 left.

I have had 4 exhibition sinch may and there I have had great susses.

After making my Lovely Ladies, thats what I call them, I wanted to do something out of them, hope you understand me... my englis is not the best.... but thats ok.
So I bought Kelly Rae Roberts online book, Flying lessons. 
I read it, marked, it, and followed it. 

Today I have this blog, I have FB page, Twitter, Pinterest and Etsy shop all with the name SiggaDisArt. The only thing left is website, but that is something Im going to learn on my new online class Im taking from Kelly Ray.

As I said I wanted to make something out of my paintings. 

I did start slowely, ordering some business cards from

Then I did order some greeting cards also from

From CafePress I did order some Tote bags, cute..

And I did not stop, I did get some yearbooks 2013 made for me here in Iceland.

And some magnets for the refrigerator with a memory note.
and I did not stop there.

I also had some magnet bookmarks made.

and I did paint and paint and I did sell and sell, both my paintings and all of the things I have made with my Lovely Ladies.

Nothing can stop me now, if I have a hour Im creating. 

My newest things are my coffe mugs. 
I paint on cups and Im not going to tell you how many order I have got, some people want 10 of them... 

I could be painting on mugs all day long..
but I have to go to my work every day. I love my work but Im an art teacher, teaching art to children age 6-16 and I love it..

Thats my story year 2012.. and I love it..

Have a beautiful and blessed day all of you and happy PPF to all of you.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A picture of me....and from my husbands 50 years birthday..

Most of the time I dont like photos taken of me... but that one I kind of like..
It was taken in my husbands 50 years birthday party.
We did invite our family and friends, 120 invited 110 arrived.

The food was to good.... Tabas and Sushi.. and the taste was gorgeous..
We had a guy playing guitar and singing and everyone was singing along. I love party´s when people are eating, drinking and singing. 
And we had another guy coming playing his guitar and singing and then we started dancing, what a fun night we had.

The day after..

My husband did get so many nice birthdays gifts, our home was filled with packet and flowers.. not bad.

I loved those gifts, wine and a flowers...

Now I just have to wait for the next celebration but my son is becoming a father one of these days. He and his girlfriend have been waiting since 13. of september and today is the 19. of september so it will happen soon..

Have a beautiful day all of you..

Angels in my studio.. and Flying Lesson

My newest work for the Angels in my studio class. The teacher was the beautiful Claudia Olivos. 

I have signed in to Kelly Rae Roberts online class, Flying Lessons. I did buy her e-book few months ago and I have read it, marked it and I have followed it. But I had few question so I decided to take the online class to get everything 100%.
I have been a Kelly Rae Roberts fan for so many years, love her art work and how she uses her art on items and things. Thats just what I want to do. 
Have a beautiful day all of you :-)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Etsy shop... adding new items

Im working on my Etsy shop, adding new items like these lovely refrigerator magnets with a note to write on, it says Muna and that means Remember, also available in english. 
Im also adding my Year Books 2013 bot available in Icelandic and english and beautiful little Bookmarks. You just have to take a visit and see what I have there. Ill be adding more items the next days and more photos of the items too. 
my address is
Happy PPF to all of you and have a wonderful weekend..

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One of My Lovely Lady and an Angel have moved to another country..

My beautiful angel a sister of two others has left Iceland. She was bought by a wonderful couple on their way to Washington but they live in Norway.. Sure she is going to like it in Norway as much as I loved living in Norway long time ago..

And this one moved to England. A little family came to my exhibition, couple with 2 or 3 kids (I dont remember) and they bought this one for their oldest daughter. I hope My Lady likes living in England..
So many of my Lovely Ladies did get a new home after the last exhibition, I have to start making some more, not bad, as I love making them..

My sweet little book....

Few days ago I finished making my sweet little book. 
I don´t know where I found the video showing how to make one, maybe I´m signed into to many classes.... 
If anyone could tell my where to find the video showing how to make a book like this I would be very happy. 
The cute little girl was not included in the bookmaking, I found video on Youtube about how to make. 
I´m always looking for new things to teach to my students and I´m sure they will love to make a book like this. 
I had so much fun making this one, I  had to sew it together.
Have a beautiful day.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Listening to you..... take a look

To day lovely Rachel Awes start a new publicity series on her blog and she starts with ME.... take a visit to her page.. Rachel does make a beautiful art full of life and colors.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

29 faces in September

My face nr. 1 in 29 faces.

Im taking a part in a new project, called 29 faces. In September we have to paint and post 29 faces. How much fun is that going to be. I did start making my first one today and I have 3 more to make so I wont be behind.... Love project like this.. 
This is my first face, almost done, want to add a little more color to her clothing..

Monday, September 3, 2012

Working on an angel..

First I start making the background on a pice of wood. On a watercolor paper I draw an angel and paint him a little. 

Then I cut out the angel and clue it to the background.

then I start adding tissue paper and more paint.

In the end I do add the wings which I cut out of an old book. Then comes the silver leaf. It is a little bit difficult to work with the silver but with a little patient it works fine.
Little stamps here and there on the background and it is finished.. 

Have a beautiful day, all of you..

I was interviewed....

A lovely Lady, Stacie, did ask if she could have a interview with me on her blog. Of cours I said yeas and in this link you can read the interview.