Tuesday, July 31, 2012

To day I sold one of my old paintings, a special one..

Thats the one, first I draw, then paint with watercolors. When dry I did some embroidery. 
I kind of liked these very much. I have 3 more to sell. 

I like the colors very much and the way they look after my embroidery. 

The paper is handmade from Tibet. I bought the paper in Sweden when 
I was there last sommar taking a class in paper making and embroidery.

This week I have not had a time to paint at all so Im adding my last post, 
hope that you dont mind. 

I have been working on my other blog, my art for sale blog, 
please stop by and leave me a comment if you have time. 

Hope you enjoy what you see, and thanks to you that have already been there and bought cards from me, It made me so happy.

Im trying to find out how to make a button here that will lead you to that blog.. but until then you can copy paste this link..


Happy PPF to all of you, the sun is shining in Iceland and I think 
we are going to have a great weekend over here.

Monday, July 30, 2012

My new art for sale page


Hi everyone.. Now I have been working on my new Art 4 sale page and you would make me very happy if you would stop by an tell me what you think. 

It took so long time and so much work but I wish I knew how to have the card separated from the paintings but maybe Ill find out one day and then I can change it..
Have a beautiful evening..

Friday, July 27, 2012

Get a discount....

If you want to make your own Greeting Card you can order them from Moo.com they have the best service ever and if you order from the link bellow you get 10% discount of your first order. 
The quality is wonderful and so are the colors..
I did also get my minimoo cards from them and they are stunning.
 Here is the link..

My new greeting cards.

Don´t they look stunning

Yesterday my greeting cards arrived and Im so happy with them. They came out perfect and the paper is fantastic, thick and nice. Im sure Im going to do some more business with the company I ordered them from.

After working on my girls for hours I think Im happy with the results. I love the color and I love their faces and I love the background....If you click on the photo I think you can see the background better..

I have also been working on smaller paintings like this summer angel.

And that old owl, I love owls.
Thats all for now..
Have a beautiful day 
Happy PPF to all of you.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Im on the road again......

For almost a month I have been wanting to paint something else than my Lovely Ladys and after going through all my books I got my creative back. I have been drawing, coloring, painting and painting..and painting more..

I did a few small one and then I started working on this one. This one is big A3+
The drawing came out beautiful, 4 adorable girls.

First I colored it with Neocolor.

 Then I took my favorite brush from China and went over all the details, starting with the face, then the eyes, then the hair and the clothing in the end. 

Then it was a thin white acryl paint all over the colors. 
When dried I did the outlining with pencils and my China brush again.
Then I took my Prismacolor and worked a little with each face.

When completely dry I went over all the outlines again with a black marker xf.
Now it was time to do the eyes perfect.
Im very happy with my painting but Im only half the way all the doodling and the background waiting for tomorrow to come..
Happy PPF to all of you and have a nice day.

Friday, July 13, 2012

A new one

I have been trying to paint something different from my Lovely Ladys but that has not been working. I always end up painting one more.
I think this one is a nice one, I did use modeling paste and stencil to do her dress and scarf and I think it came out very nice. So every time Im using some of the teknik Im learning from the Life Book.
Hope you all have happy PPF the 13th.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Im in love with my new Ipad...

How much fun can it be playing with your Ipad.
After I found out which app to buy Im having so much fun drawing with my Ipad and the bubble pen I bought too. 
This one was my first one.

And this one was my second one I made after I found out about how to make the painting small and big and move it around. 
Just having fun..

My exhibition

In beginning of July I was getting ready for my fifth solo exhibition.  I had to put all of my Lovely Ladys in frame and pack them and take them to the restaurant where im having my exhibition. It takes time to frame and pack 23 Ladys..

The restaurant has big walls and it took time until I was happy with all of my ladys.

July is a month of summer holidays so many people are out of town but I hope some find time to pass by and have a look. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New York summer 2012

New York summer 2012

What I love most about NY is that you never know what to except. This time there was a Yoga class on Times Square. Hundred of people doing Yoga out in the street.

This flag was outside our hotel window, not bad, I love this sign.

We did a little shopping in our favorite shop.. maybe little more than little..

And of cours I went to Micheles and did a little shopping, just little...

We saw a lot of funny people.. like these two guys having a chat on Times Square. 

And  we did eat a delicious food like this pizza at Eately...
Cant wait to go there again.
Just in love with NY..