Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My exhibition

In beginning of July I was getting ready for my fifth solo exhibition.  I had to put all of my Lovely Ladys in frame and pack them and take them to the restaurant where im having my exhibition. It takes time to frame and pack 23 Ladys..

The restaurant has big walls and it took time until I was happy with all of my ladys.

July is a month of summer holidays so many people are out of town but I hope some find time to pass by and have a look. 


  1. Way-ta-go, Sigga. Hope you have lots of benefit from this showing.
    Hugs from Ukraine, Coleen

    1. Thank you Coleen, things are going very slow, not sold a pice but thats ok because in beginning of September Im having another exhibition so then It will be nice to have the paintings ready.

  2. I think your ladies are wonderful - hope you get lots of exposure with this show -