Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Two new paintings from the Soul Food class :)

Trying to catch up with my Soul Food class..

Soul Food. Week 34. Teacher Patti Ballard.

I did like this lesson a lot but Im not happy with my girl... She was supposed to have her eyes closed and a small mouth but I did not like her that way so I opened her eyes and made her mouth bigger but I still think the mouth is to little..... 
But I love the flowers, her dress and the background.

Soul Food week 32. Teacher Mitsi..

I allways love to see Mitsi´s classes. Love the way she creates with out rules and does not make any mistakes... 
I think this one is going to one of my favorite... there is something about this one...

On my desk is one Im working on and the teacher is my favorite girl Mystele.

Have a great weekend


Sunday, April 27, 2014

A little work on an old drawer...

My husband was cleaning the garage and throwing some old stuff...
Just before he took of from the house I saw this little old drawer he was not supposed to throw.
So I got it in the house and washed it and cut some inexpensive paper from a dollar store.
Then I only used Golden Gel Medium to glue the paper on the front of the drawer.
I´m so happy with the result..
In the first drawer I keep my stencils, then I keep my quotes and butterflies...
and so on....

Have a beautiful week

Monday, April 21, 2014

Now I have made 8 dolls and they all look gorgeous..

I have had a very good time making my dolls.
First I made 8, or I did sew 8 of them and made them ready for paint.

After sewing and filling I did start drawing.

I loved to see them come alive, one by one. 

Im so happy with them, they are 30 cm high and they all have their own personality.

Hope you like what you see


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I´m in love with my dolls..

As I told you before I´m taking Soul Food, a class hosted by Mystele
and two other ladies.
With them there are many other teachers, new class twice a week
 and lot and lot of new things to learn.

One of the classes was with Susana Tavares where she 
thought us how to make that kind of dolls.

First I made one, then another, the third oneand tonight the fourth.
On my desk I´m having 5 more that I´m going to finish soon.

As you see they don´t look alike at all, I love the one in the black and white dress, love her eyes!
Hope that you are all having a wonderful Easter and weekend.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Mandala making and a new doll :)

I love making mandalas. 

Two years ago I learned how to make Mandala.
I love to sit in my sofa on a rainy day drawing Mandala.

10 days ago I got my left shoulder operate so Im not able to do much, 
so this is a perfect timing to make Mandala.

Now I have two dolls, they are best friends.. love them both.

Have a great weekend and