Wednesday, September 30, 2015

To paint is my life....

Today I painted this beauty. 
This is my blue painting. Love painting with one ore two colors.
First the lady was holding a baby in blanket.
The blanket turned out to be a swan and then a bird made him a nest on the ladies head....
 Love this one with a great background made of an old phone book.

Have a wonderful day


Monday, September 28, 2015

I did make a beautiful bird...

Today I made this beautiful bird.
First I made his body with aluminium foil, then I covered the body with tape. After the tape I did add paper mache clay. It was not very easy using the brand I did use, i know of another brand much easier to use. Now it was a time to add some legs, I made some of wire and pearl.

When I had made a beautifully shaped bird with eyes and a little pattern here and there. I left it for some hours to dry.
When my bird was dry I did start painting.

I choose to paint him with pink, turquoise and white colors.
After the paint was dry I did add some brown paint over the whole bird and washed it of at the same time. Left in the pattern was little brown color.

Now it was time to add some feathers and a string so that I could hang him up.
I'm very happy with my bird.
Love him :)

Have a great day


Sunday, September 27, 2015

I love to draw Mandala...

I love to draw Mandala. Find it so relaxing to sit and draw.
It is so amazing how you can draw many Mandalas and they never look alike. 
I have been teaching my students to draw Mandala and I love to see how beautiful their Mandalas turn out.

This Mandala I did draw for a special project but decided to make another that I cant post a photo of yet. I spent a long time deciding if to color or not. I always end up coloring but after I always think I should have left it black and white.
What do you think, black and white or colored.

Have a wonderful week


Friday, September 25, 2015

Making my own coloring book..

I love to draw and I love to doodle...
To day it is very popular to color in adult color book so I thought why not make my own coloring book.
Now I have made 12 pages, have to make few more.
After that I don't know what to do..
I don't know how to get published or printed...
Maybe Ill sell it on Etsy page by page for people to print and color.
Or maybe I keep it for me self.

Have a wonderful Saturday


Thursday, September 24, 2015

4 little angels

I´m taking a class from Community Thrive.
 The class is Festive Soul Food.
I´m one of the teachers but this paintings I made after Pia Roms lesson.
These are small, I did cut size A4 in to 4 pieces.
The background was covered with paper with pattern and then I tried to find angels in my background.
This time it was easy, they were there.

Have a great weekend


Friday, September 18, 2015

My favorite art supply...

To day I went shopping. I did need to buy some more ink.
In Iceland there is only one shop that sells Daler Rowney ink.
I love working with the ink, the colors are so bright and beautiful.
I did have only 5 colors and to day I bought 5 more.
So now I have 10 and cant waiting to start painting.

The paint I'm in love with is Golden.
There is something about Golden Paint that makes it better than any other paint.
But they don't sell Golden in Iceland so last month when I was in the US I bought me some bottles of Golden fluid paint. Before my daughter did buy one and one color for me and brought to me when she came for visit. I cant order it, they don't send to Iceland.

 My brayer is my favorite tool, a little touch with the Brayer and I'm done.

I have some favorite stencils too. Most of them I buy online. I want to make some know I can, just waiting for the right time to find out where I can get them made after my design.

I have another favorite ink, that's ink in spray bottle, Dylissions ink by Ranger. Beautiful colors.

And of course I have a favorite paper. Dayler Rowne cold pressed watercolor paper 300 gr. I love the little rough look when painting on this paper. Sometimes I buy hot pressed paper but that's when Im going to make something very fine like my Guardian Angels.

There are many other supplies I love but these are my favorite.
Hope you liked my list.
It would be fun if you would leave me a message telling me what is your favorite art supplies.

Have a great weekend


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Which artist inspires me the most...

One of my favorite painting inspired by many artist

I was asked by Patience Brewster to
write a little blog about the artist or artists that have inspired me the most. I don't have to think a lot because It is so clear for me. I love colors, bright colors. I lived in India for a year long time ago and as you know India has a very colorful community and I'm sure that I have got inspired from all the colorful Indian life. You can see colors everywhere.

Inspired after a visit to India

But a artist I think I have to say that for a long time I have loved Hundertwasse for his colorful childish paintings. I love his use of color.

Inspired after a class with Flora Bowley

But in my life now there is no doubt  that my most inspiring artist is Mystele.
I got to know Mystele when I took an online class called Life Book, a class with 52 teachers and the class lasted for a year. Something happen to me after my class with Mystele, I started painting and painting, made my Lovely Ladies, so many of them that I don't have the number of how many. 

Inspired after a class with Mystele

They were all colorful ladies with a beautiful quote in their hair.
I love Mystele´s paintings, love how beautiful ugly her ladies were, and they were all colorful. Sine then I have taken many classes from her and I still like her paintings so much and I always wish that I could paint like she does :) 

Inspired after a class with Tracy Verdugo

Now I have taken so many other classes and got inspired form other artist like Australian artist Tracy Verdugo. I love the way she paint, layer by layer with bright and beautiful colors. I had the opertunity to take her class in Stockholm few weeks ago and I enjoyed it so much.

Inspired after a class with Tracy Verdugo

I love painting and I love to make things out of my art. I wish one day some one will discover my art so that I could see my work of art in a piece of art like Patience Brewster.... are doing with their art. Go look at their page to see what they are doing, love their Christmas Ornaments.

My painting on a diary

My paintings on greeting cards

My lady as a Christmas ornament

My dolls

My lady as a wall pillow 

One day my paintings will be for sale all over the world.... you have to have dreams if you want them to come true,,,, right:) 

Have a great week


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Paint Mojo in Sweden. my dream came true..

 Paint Mojo Sweden August 2015

Paint Mojo, Sweden 2015

I was the lucky one to have the opportunity to take a weekend class with Tracy Verdugo in Sollentuna, Sweden last weekend. We were 20 girls that took the class and I can't describe how much fun we had. 

With the amazing teacher Tracy Verdugo

Tracy is an angel and so is Jenny Grant, the host. 

The host Jenny Grant

We came from many different countries, France, Norway, Finland, Ireland (living in Sweden) Hungary (living in Sweden) Sweden and Iceland and of course Tracy, the teacher lives in Australia.

I did travel from home Friday morning, arriving in Sweden at noon. Took the train to the hotel in Sollentuna. From there I went strait to the train again and in to Stockholm as I had to do a little shopping in Ahléns for my granddaughter. Back to the hotel again and there in the lobby I met my dear Valéri from France but we were sharing a room. At dinnertime we were invited to a Chiaras (from Ireland) and Zsuzannas from (Hungery) room for a little party before we went down for a dinner. There we meet Heidi (from Norway) and Mette (also living in Norway).

Heidi, Zsuzsanna and Ciara

Sigga Dis, Valéri and Mette

There we are I, Mette and Valéri, friends that have been taking a lot of classes online together and it was like  that we had been friends forever. We had a wonderful evening but went early to bed as we had to have a good sleep before class start in the morning.

All of the lovely ladies

We arrived to Edsvik Konsthall 09.30 in the morning but that´s where the class took place. There we met Tracy and Jenny and the other girls that were going to take the class to. 
Tracy is a wonderful teacher, she is so calm and so nice to be around.
We did start by having a little meeting outside, the weather was great and the sun was there.

My simbols

Then we started painting.... making symbols, with all kind of colors and shapes, turning and turning... Time was flying, we were having a great time in a great studio and we did get a great lunch there to :)

Exhibition in Edviks Konsthall

On the top floor at Edsvik Konsthall there was a exhibition with the great artist Marc Chagall, we went there to get a inspiration for our symbol making

In the evening we staying at the hotel had dinner together at Spice, a Indian restaurant close to the hotel. The food was great and the beer was super good one imported from India.

Here I have added a little paint to my symbols

The next morning there were colors, bright and beautiful colors on every ones canvas, soft music and a little laughter here and there. This was the weekend... best ever for me. 

My two paintings after the workshop 

It was not easy to say good bye to all the beautiful artists staying together over the weekend, painting and painting. Taking a workshop like this is something all artist should do. 
Cant wait for the next workshop, next year :)


I miss these two more than anything.... but we will meet again :)

Have a great day