Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Doodili, doodili, doodili, do...

As you may know then Im in love with doodling, cant stop doodle.
So yesterday night I draw this angel and decorate it all with doodle.

Then I started to color my angel. In the beginning everything went great. But that is not a question, I have to buy my new Sharpies ore other brand. Mine are almost finished. Im going to try to clean them but Im not sure if that is going to work. 

So in stead of my Sharpies I did use Derwent watercolour pens. After coloring I used a wet brush and that is how it endet. I kind of like it but I prefer Sharpies, more colors like you can see in the flowers. The angels face I painted with a Neocolor ll. 

I think I happy with how it turned out, now I have to find me a new thing to draw...
Have a beautiful day all of you.

One more thing.. I was interviewed by Sandra Mccall, feel free to go to her blog if you want to read all about me  :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

My sunday painting..

To day is a sunday and I decided not to go out to day,
 but to stay at home painting and I did.
After having breakfast or more like lunch I did start working on this little pice. 
The sise is 10x15 cm and I had already made the drawing of the girl as I was going to take a part in 29 faces but I had to give up
as I did not have the time to finish painting all the faces I had made.
So now I have a bunch of girls who need to be painted.
You would not believe how many hours I did spend on this one, the whole day.
A small painting is not always easier than a large one.
On her dress I did use a modeling paste, I love the way it becomes and around her head I did use a stencil, I love stencils.
Have a beautiful evening :-)

More doodling...

When I start doodle I cant stop, love to see how the picture changes every time you add a new doodle.
Here I was playing with warm and cold colors.
If you have not tried to doodle you should take Sandy Tygers class. It costs only $ 10 and I think that is enough to get  you started.
Have a beautiful sunday :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I took a little online class yesterday...

Yesterday I saw that Sandy Tyger was having a online class in doodling and as I love doodling I signed up. The price was fabulous, only $10. 
after watching all her videos from that class and looking at the pictures 
I did start working. 
As I said before I love doodling so I did not stand up until I had 
finished my doodling work.
I wanted to use my Sharpies but found out that they are drying out so I must order some new soon. So I was using just all kind of colors. 
If you have not tried to doodle you should try, It is so relaxing to sit down with your paper and pen and just let it flow..

Have a beautiful day/night all of you..and a happy PPF..

Saturday, October 20, 2012

My first Etsy sale...

To day I made my first Etsy sale.
 I sold one of my beautiful sketch books to a lady in England.
It made me so happy and I hope that she is going to like what she get.
I have sold a lot of my books here at home but I have both sketch books and a year books for year 2013 and I have the year book in Icelandic, English and Swedish. So if you need a book, take a look in my Etsy shop, soon Ill get more with different paintings on the front cover. 

Like this one.. come fly away with us, fly away..

Have a beautiful weekend, all of you..

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I love all my visitors, 5,884 so far and not a year...

In Mars I wrote about how many visitors I have had from all over the world. I have tried to cats each and every one to add in here but Im sure I have missed some one.
 Sometimes people comment to let me know that I had missed them..
To day I count visitors from about 60 countries... I love it, and I have had 5884 visitor and my blog is not even one year old.. Love it to..
The visitor that made me most happy was the one from India. 
You might not know but Im in love with India. 

Beautiful flower decoration at our hotel

Street photo, anyone want to buy Pop corn??

Beautiful Bangles 

Another beautiful Flower decoration.

My daughter helping my friend with the coconut for the dinner.

Salesman, selling lime and another selling masks.

These are the countries I know I have had visitors from. 

Argentina-Arizona-Australia-Belgium-Brazil-Burma-Canada-Cape Town-China-Colombia-Cyprus-Czech Republic-Denmark-Dubai-Ecuador-Egypt-Finland-France-Georgia-Germany-Greece-Guatemala-Hong Kong-Hungary-India-Indonesia-Island-Island of Bermuda and Vail-Islamabad-Italy-Isreal-Japan-Lativia-Malaysia-Manilla-Mexico-Mosambique-Mumbai-New Zealand-Nigeria-Norway-Pakistan-Philippines-Portugal-Romania-Russia-Serbia-Singapore-Slovenia-South Africa-Spain-Sweden-Switzerland-Taipai-Taiwan-Trinidad and Tobago-Turkey-United Kingdom-Ukraine-United Arab Emirates-United State of America-Venezuela

Monday, October 15, 2012

A new Lovely Lady was born... yesterday..

Now it is over a month since I last painted a Lovely Lady, it was in late August.
I was afraid that I did not have the ability after such a long time but now Im sure it is like when we learn to ride a bicycle, you will newer forget. 
I did have this background laying on my desk and was not sure if I could use him, so different colors but after painting the Lady and adding some flowers I was so happy with my work.. Then I decided to add a bird and I did not think it was enough so I did add another... 
Then I wrote in her hair, that is always the last thing I do. It says..
Come fly away with us, fly away... 
I think they were talking to me as well,, I feel so much that I want to fly away... far away.. I want to fly all the way to India, my favorite country and I want to stay there for a long, long time...
Have a beautiful day/night all of you.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Mystele my favorite mixed media girl..

In my post last week I did tell you about the Mixed Media Ladies 
that have inspired me the most.
One of them was Mystele.

Mystele is one of Life Book teachers.
Something happend to me in her class. 
I dont know if it was the way she taught or the way she painted, I just got stuckt in making my Lovely Ladies after that class.

My Lovely Lady

Since that class I think I have made about 50 of my Lovely Ladies and also made a lot of things with My Ladies, like book covers, bookmarks, magnets, bags and mugs.

There you can see some of my Ladies half done..

Mystele has a little community called Community thrive.  
It is a nice place for us to sign in and start creating. 
She has classes and she has videos, playtime and art challenge. 
You will get your own page and there is an artist gallery and much more.

This is on of Mystele´s beautiful paintings, I love the way she makes her ladies. 

Have a beautiful weekend all of you and a happy PPF

 ♥ ♥ 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Working on my page...

Hello, Im working on my blog, adding some tabs to it.. Ill let you know when Im done..

By the way.. I did paint a little this weekend, a beautiful owl.. dosent she look cute?
I love making owls....

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A new one for the Life Book..

Finally, finally.. I had a time to make one painting for the Life Book.

This time the teacher was Tam and this one was different from the others as we used fabric and all kind of buttons and lace..

 It was fun to make.

And I did add some butterflies as I love butterflies..

 I did not have my sewing machine so I did not sew..

I love this Mixed Media, what a fun to make and you can play with what you have at home..

Have a beautiful day, evening, night..

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Mixed Media Artists that have inspired me most....

For little more than one year ago I had not heard about Mixed Media. I loved Kelly Ray Roberts work, bud did not think of it as something called Mixed Media. 
She was my favorite. 

One of Kelly Rae painting

Then one day I was searching the Internet and found a beautiful picture of a painting. The painters name was Joann Loftus. 
I loved the way she made her paintings, cutting, cluing, painting all in the same painting. 
I wanted so much to make paintings like she was doing. 

One of Joann Loftus painting

One day she was talking about Willowing.ning and I went there to take a look and it was like finding a goldmine for me. I signed in to a class called Life Book and took Fabulous Faces and Mandalas classes too. 
There I met Tamara Laporte, she is such a wonderful artist and her class Life Book had a new teacher every other week. It was like heven for me. 

One of Tams painting

In the Life Book classes I meet such a great teachers team, I can´t count them all inn but these are my favorite, so far ..but all are great.


Jane DesRosier

Juliette Crane

Jodi Ohl


Tracy Verdugo

Kylie Fowler

You can take a look at their blog to see what I meen, I think all of them have workshops and offer a lot of beautiful classes.

There are still more classes to come and new teachers as well.
Through Life Book I have met so many wonderful artist from all over the world and we share all kind of advise and follow each others blogs as well as we comment on each others work as well. We are together in FB groups, we take classes together and we are having so much fun. 

To day I am a member of many workshops and FG groups. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to get in contact with all these Lovely Ladies that share the interest in Mixed Media with me and have inspired me so much.

Have a beautiful day all of you.

❤ ❤