Friday, May 31, 2013

Few new ladies and more..

I have been working on a serie fo my Lovely Ladies, but this time 
they all work in a kitchen.
They are going to decorate my friends restaurant in the future.
I have made about 15 sketches, finished painting 4 and 
working on 3. 
I adore these one, think they are so cute..

I do always have to have few different type of paintings on my desk 
ready to be finished, dont know why :)

Last week I was working on small canvases, trying to make a small painting 
using what I have learned from Flora Bowleys class. 
I did make 4 of them and this was the last one, 
Im not sure if I like that one, going to hang it on my wall 
and look at it for few days and then decide what to do, 
keep or gesso. 

I like this one, was the first one I made. The colors are nice and I kind of like how it turned out. 

This was the second one. Im happy with everything here, the colors, the shape... big like :)

This was the third one, did not like it at first but more I look more I like and I have got some lovely comment on this one in my FB group. 

I love this turquoise color..

Happy PPF to all of you :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Working on a new painting.. and more :)

I love to paint, I love to cut and glue, I love Mixed Media.
I have been working on this one in the weekend. The collar and the button is cut out of scrap-booking paper. The bird is cut out of an old book. I did use modeling paste to get the nice pattern in the ring and I did use double plastic to make the dots around. 
Im not finished, have to add a little shadows to her face and put some life in to her hair.
This one is  15x30 cm a good size to work with.

I have also been playing with watercolors. I love to paint Snaefellsj√∂kul but that is a glacier on the west coast of Iceland. I did paint another but I have already taken that one to the gallery. This one Im almost done with, have to work a little more before finished. 

If you live in Europe you have probable been watching Eurovision song contest. And as I think watching the tv is a waste of time I do often listen to films with a little look now and then. While watching or more listening to the contest I did make this little bird. He is made of aluminum foil, gibs and acryl paint. Love to make little sculptures. 

Have a beautiful weekend and a happy PPF :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Candle making...

Today I have been making candles with my art work on.
But first I made one with my beautiful little granddaughter, she is my prinsess and a piece of art :)

I love to make these candles, it is very easy and does not take a long time making.

before I had made these one but they are all sold except one I think :)
Have a beautiful day :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My long legged bird.... and more..

I love to make long paintings like this one, before I have made 
some birds on a long canvas and I love them.

I did make a new angel, love making angels.

This weekend I went to the capital and bought me some more canvases. 
I bought some small with frames and I also bought some bigger. Now I just have to come with an idea what to paint on them. 
For the frames I have to make more birds, the other I made are all sold out. Thats tells me to carry on making more of them... 
Have a beautiful day and happy PPF to all of you :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A day in the Gallery

Today I was reorganizing in the Gallery and adding some more paintings 
to my space as we are excepting about 50 ladies 
from the capital to morrow.
They are traveling around in my hometown and wanted to come for a visit, hope that they are going to buy something :)

I have not had much time to paint lately but soon the school is over 
and then I can spend all my time painting, cant wait. 
First I have to clean up in my studio... dont know how I can make all this mess on my desk...

I did make this one few days ago, like her, love the turquoise color.
Think it is fun painting on long canvas, this one is 10x40.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Happy PPF 

Friday, May 3, 2013

My little trip to Benidorm...

Last week I went for a little semester with my husband and my youngest son.
We went to Benidorm, Spain. 
We have been there before but this time we did not have luck with the weather.
It was raining and blowing, did only get one beach day :(

But we did not stay in the hotel crying over the weather, we bought an umbrella and a raincoat and went for a little trip.
This picture was taken in Albir, we went there by a bus and took a long walk along the beach.
This is me and my 16 years old son.

And this is my son and my husband.

After Albir we took another bus to Altea, a small town with a beautiful hill, with a beautiful view.
We did walk up to the hill to enjoy the beautiful view. I missed the sun.
On the way down the hill again I saw a little artist shop. There were 2 "old" men painting beautiful paintings and I bought 10 prints from one of them, the other was making a big paintings on canvas, difficult to travel with, but as we were there a couple were buying one big painting from him.

On the Levante beach there were some artist too. Look how beautiful it looks, all made of sand. Dont know how they make it... and how they keep it.

I did pass this shop many times, loved this lady, finally someone looking normal..... or like me... :)

One day we did take a walk from the Bali hotel, down the road all the way to the end of Levante beach (6-7km) On the way we stopped by a little bar and there I had this drink in the middle of the day... I saw Strawberry Mohito on the meny and I had to try it. 
Cant tell you how delicious it did taste, strawberry, minta, rom and ice ♥ ♥ ♥

Before we left I made two long bird paintings, kind of like them... 10x30cm

It was nice to get home seeing my little prinsess again. My little angel is always smiling

♥ ♥ ♥

Happy PPF to all of you

Ill post some more art next week for you

Have a beautiful weekend