Thursday, October 31, 2013

Im making a doll..

I did pay for a doll making class some time ago but did never make one.
So I thought it was about time I would give it a try.
First I had to sew the body and fill it but turning the arms and legs inside out was a hard work, o my goodness... but I did it..

The class is with Gritty Jane at The Trodden Path and that is a good one.
I did make another doll once, it was in Life Book 2012 and that was also with Gritty Jane. Don´t know if I have a photo of that one. Ill look in my file.

After making the body I had to start making the face, that was not so difficult, Gritty is having a great video showing how to. Now I have to let her dry and tomorrow I can start painting her but I have to make her hair first. 

Have a wonderful weekend all of you and a happy PPF

Saturday, October 26, 2013

From my Paper Maché class

 Im taking a paper maché class here at home. I go there once in a week for three hours.
Our first assignment was to make a lady. That was not hard for me, Im used to making or painting ladies.

We did start making shoulders, then we made the head. I had to make mine with a long neck.

The hair was made with silk paper but the body with newspapers. I made her a neckless, that I made with wire and silk paper.

I made a beautiful dress for her with collage paper I have and started working with her face by adding white silk paper.

Before I had to add a wings to all my ladies but now Im not finished with out making a bird.
I love this long legged bird whispering some secret in her ear.

Now it was time to start painting. I took her home, I wanted to be in my studio, having my things around me to get the feeling for her face.

And she is done, what do you think? 
I might add some colored flowers to her hair, but just a little dots here and there.

In the next class I made this one. LOVE him...

Have a beautiful week and a happy PPF (S) Im always so late posting ...

Friday, October 18, 2013

It is friday again..

Last weeks I have made these 3, love each and everyone of them.
they are painted with acryl on canvas.

As you know then Im taking classes all the time and in these paintings I can see the technic I have learned from few of my classes and I love to see how I mix all of them together to make my own style.

I love little birds so I had to have birds in my painting. It is always the same type of bird but with a different decorations.
I have one more canvas like these so Im going to make one more, have already made the sketch for it.

My paper maché lady is not ready yet. I have brought her home so I have her on my desk and se is ready to get her face done.

Now I have diary for year 2014 ready for sale as well as I have sketchbooks and notebooks.

when Im not painting Im knitting or crocheting. This time Im making some squares for 
A beautiful project for the children in Syria. 

I bought me a new book, it just arrived but it is a beautiful book from Mindy Murphy Lacefield, I highly recommend it if you love to look at others art, she also shows us the way she creates her girls. 

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend and happy PPF to you :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

You have to see my lady now....

First of all I have to show you my lady....
She is not ready yet, takes so long time to dry between layers.

Isn't she adorable??

Next tuesday I think Ill take her home with me to paint her face. 
Love her little friend that is going to be standing on her shoulder ,
whispering some sweet things in her ear..

I have been painting... yaeee..
have not been painting on canvas for a long time or at least a month..

This time Im making some ladies off corse.
the canvas is 40x80 and a thick one.

First I made the background with warm colors.

Then I did add little cold colors.

Then I decorated a little and painted the girl with the little bird.

Now I mad the outlines.

And she was done...

I was so happy with the results, love her, think she is so perfect :)

Have a beautiful weekend and a happy PPF


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Photos from the new class Im taking..

First I have to show you this one I made for my daughter. 
There she is with her unicorn with his golden horn :)

Last week I started in a new evening class in papermache making 
and work with paper.

For the first time for the last years Im taking a class here at home, 
and a class that is not online.

The first assignment is a lady and that is not difficult for me.
We did start making the head and then we did the shoulders.

After making the head and shoulder I had to cut a hole in the shoulders where 
I could place her head. I wanted to make a lady with long neck 
with her head little to the side.

Then it was building up her face, adding a nose, lips and eyebrows, 
she does not look very cute at that time, but she is going to be beautiful, 
I promise...

Then it was time to make the hair. I did use tissue paper for the head and it was so nice working with the tissue paper, it was almost like a clay. After that I did add white tissue paper on her face and neck just to see better if the face was going to be ok.

The green thing is going to be her collar or her neckless.

Ill show you new photos next week :)

If you did not go to my blog two weeks ago or the 18 of september I want you to go there and read about Soul Food, a new class Im taking starting 30 of December.
The link is here Soul Food

Happy PPF to all of you
Have a beautiful weekend :)