Thursday, January 23, 2014

Soul food week 6

In week 6 in my Soul Food we were making small books. 
I did take a big pice of paper, added a lot of layers of colors and let it dry.
When dried I did cut the paper down to long stripes and then I had to find out what was hiding on my paper. 
First I used a pen to mark my figures and then I did start painting with white or refresh the colors that were already there. The teacher was Lisa Patencio.
Im happy with my work, might add more photos to this post as Im working on 3 more.

Have a beautiful day


Friday, January 17, 2014

Soul Food

This week I did find a time to finish two project for my Soul Food class.
The first one was taught by Grace Howes and it was to make a cake with collage.
 I did only paint my cake and Im happy with my cake. 
Beautiful bright colors :)

The other project I did finish was taught by Jeanette House.
It was fun to make. After finishing I found out it should be about sunset... 
Im always making some mistakes by not listening good enough to the teacher :(
But thats ok, Im happy with my upside down sunset, love Kristin Powers feather stamp.

Hoping you all are having a great weekend with a lot of creating time :)


Friday, January 3, 2014

Art takes Miami..

 This book arrived yesterday. I had totally forgot all about it.

Long time ago I signed in for something called Art takes Miami
I really did not know what it was about but one of the things was that I would possible get my painting showed for a second or few at Times Square NY..
Then one day the mailmen brought me this big, big book and my painting was in at page 223.... It made my day :)

Have a nice evening..


Soul Food

I did start in a new class Desember 30th. 
The class is Soul Food, hosted by Mystele one of my favorit girl.
Together with her in the team are Heather Santos and Janette House.
The class is for 6 months and there are tvo or three lessons every week.
I did make my first lesson, but I did not follow the rules... 
I did forget my self playing with my paint.
First I did turn my paper landskape and then I did two girla instead of one 
and the little boy was there and did not want to leave.
I tryed to paint over him but he was still there.
So I had to allow him to stay.
Im going to make another one trying to follow rhe rules. 
Ill post a photo as soon as it is ready.

Have a great day.


Traveling Art Project..

Today I did get a mail from Norway.
I had totally forgotten all about a project I did sign up for a long time ago.
It was a traveling art project.
A piece of canvas that was shipped between 12 mixed media artist and each had to paint a little and then send it to the next one.
I was the last one to paint and I did add the little angel in a pink dress, in the right, to the painting. Then I did add the white little dots you can see just to finish of the painting. 
It is nice to take a part in a project like this. 
Now Im sending the painting to New Zealand and where the girl taking care of the project will make a book of the process of all the paintings but there are 3 going on around the world. 
The pice of art will then be given for charity.

Have a beautiful weekend.