Friday, January 3, 2014

Traveling Art Project..

Today I did get a mail from Norway.
I had totally forgotten all about a project I did sign up for a long time ago.
It was a traveling art project.
A piece of canvas that was shipped between 12 mixed media artist and each had to paint a little and then send it to the next one.
I was the last one to paint and I did add the little angel in a pink dress, in the right, to the painting. Then I did add the white little dots you can see just to finish of the painting. 
It is nice to take a part in a project like this. 
Now Im sending the painting to New Zealand and where the girl taking care of the project will make a book of the process of all the paintings but there are 3 going on around the world. 
The pice of art will then be given for charity.

Have a beautiful weekend.


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