Saturday, September 28, 2013

A new painting for LB 2013

Week 39 in Life Book 2013 was about loss. 
I did want to add a photo of my daughter as she is away and I miss her.

That is my loss.

Don´t know if I have told you but she lives in USA, studying, on her second year.
She has started in Honor Collage and has become a member of a sisterhood.

Everything is happening over there but Im sitting at home missing being with her when all these great things happening for her... but Im so happy for her.

"She believed she could so she did"

Thats the words I have for her because thats what she did..

Happy PPF to all of you and have a beautiful weekend.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Soul Food, a new class hosted by Mystele, Jeanette and Heather.

I have paid for my next class. This time I did chose to take Soul Food, hosted by Mystele, my favorite girl and with her are the fabulous Jeanette House and Heather Santos. For those that don´t know then Mystele is one of the teachers I met at the Life Book hosted by Tamara Laporte at Willowing.
The class will take six months and together with these great girls are so many great teachers, Ill only name the ones I know starting with 
Alaya art
Jodi Ohl
Kristen Powers
and I think there will be about 30 other teachers.
Here you can read all about the artists

And if you want to join you can go to this web page and sign up

I think this class is going to be awesome.

I have not been painting a lot last days.
I did finish 2 more ballerina painting and made 3 hearts with a quote, great gift for a friends.

Happy PPF to all of you 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Always learning something new...

Have you ever seen such a beauty.... 
I did take a new class from the Trodden Path. 
The teacher was Kate Thompson.
I have made few paintings using the technic I learned but this is my favorite so far :)

I have made few ballerinas..

This is the first one I made, love it as well...
This was fun to make but I had to be patient because it has to dry in between layers so Im having 3-4 on my desk so that I can work on one while the other is drying..

Happy PPF to all of you :)

Have a beautiful weekend..