Monday, August 26, 2013

How to add your artwork to a candle..

I have got many question about how I make my candles with my artwork so Im going to try to show you how I do. Hope you follow, my english is far from perfect but Ill try.. :)

This is what I use:
copy paper
silk paper
heat gun.. 
a waxpaper 
see next photo..

The waxpaper, I forgot to add him to the first photo...

I take the copy paper and the silk paper and tape the silk paper on to the copy paper.

You can see the tape on the left side, I only tape it one side.
Next I take it to my printer and make sure that you are having the silk paper big enough for your photo and that the printer is going to print on the silk paper side.
Yes.. the silk paper drinks my ink... and Yes I did have to take my printer apart once so tape the silk paper nicely and add tape all the way not only in the middle.

Now I have printed my artwork on the silk paper and the next step is to cut the lady out..

It is good to leave few mm white in the bottom and 1-2 mm on the top 

I dont know what this is called but Im going to call it heat gun.

You see the tine white line on the top

I place my photo on the candle and wrap the wax paper around tight, but only one round.. 

Here I did have to move my hand to take the photo but I do hold the paper tight so my photo does not move. You can see where the wax has begun to melt from the wax paper, I did start above her eye.

I I do work like this till the wax has melted all the way, be careful, not come to close to the candle with you heat gun, If the candle is getting to much heat it will start melt and we don´t want that to happen. You can stop and move your fingers over your picture and start again, nothing will happen. Do the edge well. 

Da..ra.. remove the wax paper

And it is ready....

These I did yesterday, going to take them to the gallery. 

You are welcome to leave a message and tell me what you think :)

On the right you can see a badged from the class I have signed up to for next year. It is called Soul Food and is hosted by Mystele, Jeanette and Heater and I think it is going to be a wonderful class with lot of interesting teachers. If you click on the little beautiful bird it will take you to the class page where you can read about the class.

Happy PPF to all of you ;)

Friday, August 23, 2013

She is my favorite....

This weekend we are having in festival in Iceland called Menningarnótt.

Menningarnótt or "cultural night" is a yearly event held in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, usually on the first Saturday after the 18th of August. It was created by the Reykjavík city council, and has now become one of the largest festivals in Iceland, rivaling the celebration of Iceland's national day on June 17th.
It is estimated that as many as 100,000 people attend the annual concerts and festivities conducted in central Reykjavík, a staggeringly high percentage of Iceland's total population of 315,000 and Reykjavík's population of nearly 118,000.
The festival often consists of a main stage in the city centre and many smaller events mostly in the city's centre but also spread over the city. The highlight of the festival is often an outside concert on the main stage by 3-4 of the most popular musicians in Iceland followed by a rather glamorous fireworks show.

One of the banks in Iceland, Arion Bank asked for 500 photos to spread over the city, at every bus stop in the city and I did send in a photo of my favorite Lovely Lady. 
I hope they will allow us to keep the poster, think it looks great so big.

Have a wonderful weekend and a happy PPF

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A new painting from the Life Book, week 33.

This week we had Mindy Lacefield as a teacher at the Life Book.
I love her style and it looked so easy when she was painting but I had to struggle for hours until I was happy with mine. 

It was as always layers by layers and it was meant to be childish painting.
It looks like she is lost in the big city, trying to find someone to carry her heart with her :)
Have a wonderful weekend all of you and a happy PPF to all of you.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

I did take a class with Mystele my favorite girl..

As I was looking through my groups I found a wonderful class with Mystele and it was a free one.. not bad..

The class was about how to use Chalk Pastel ... with Gesso.

First I tried to make one but it was not working so I did try again.

After talking to Mystele I started slowly, using a good brush trying to avoid 
making a mess.

And it worked...

Im happy with the one I made and I have started on another painting using the same method.

This one is almost done..... I have to work a little more on the colors..
For me it is difficult to make a lady with small or tiny hands or a big head, 
Im always trying to play with my paintings.... 

Tell me what you think...

Have a beautiful day all of you and a happy PPF to all of you :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

That´s how they look now :)

Last week I posted a photo of my almost finished angels.
Today Im so happy to show you how they look now when Im finished with them. 
Hope that you like how they look :) 

I love to draw and paint little angels with their beautiful wings and people 
must like them as I have sold all so many of them, now I have only these two at my Gallery. 

I love this little princess, she does not have a wings but she is still an angel. 
Look at her face, isn't she just beautiful standing there in front of the houses :)

As Im taking Life Book 2013 I have not been dooing all of the classes. 
Yesterday I did start on this one, the teacher was wonderful Jeanette House 
and I found this lesson so interesting so I did finish that one in no time :) 
Now Im going to do Effy´s Wild lesson, Ill show you my painting 
next time but it is all about hearts  :)

Hope that you have a wonderful week and a happy PPF to all of you.