Tuesday, August 6, 2013

That´s how they look now :)

Last week I posted a photo of my almost finished angels.
Today Im so happy to show you how they look now when Im finished with them. 
Hope that you like how they look :) 

I love to draw and paint little angels with their beautiful wings and people 
must like them as I have sold all so many of them, now I have only these two at my Gallery. 

I love this little princess, she does not have a wings but she is still an angel. 
Look at her face, isn't she just beautiful standing there in front of the houses :)

As Im taking Life Book 2013 I have not been dooing all of the classes. 
Yesterday I did start on this one, the teacher was wonderful Jeanette House 
and I found this lesson so interesting so I did finish that one in no time :) 
Now Im going to do Effy´s Wild lesson, Ill show you my painting 
next time but it is all about hearts  :)

Hope that you have a wonderful week and a happy PPF to all of you.



  1. Yes, indeed, your little angel is beautiful, Sigga! I love the depth you got in the finished version. Also, the little princess/angel-without-wings is so adorable. Sounds like your art classes are fun. keep showing us your class projects.

    1. Thank you Faye, you should take a look at the Life Book class the address is www.willowing.ning.com and it is a one year class and not at all expensive :)

  2. Oh, they are so wonderful and lovely! You have painted very beautiful backrounds to all paintings.

    1. Thank you Uuna, instead starting with the background I do end doing the background.... I find it easier.

  3. I am not at all surprised these are selling like hot cakes! So precious. And we can all use an angel looking over us!

  4. The angels are sweet and darling. Beautiful and joyful work.