Monday, November 30, 2015

Flood the streets with art...

Flood the streets with art 2015

26th November this year I did precipitant in this event, but here bellow my text you can read all about it.

I did take a walk in ice cold weather to find a place for my piece of art. Not far away from my home I did find a lovely tree covered with a snow and on that tree I did hang my artwork with a little note to that one finding it.

Few hours later a lady posted a photo on the FTSWA events FB page saying that where she was taking a walk she saw the art pice hanging on a tree when she passed by. She took it home and was so happy about her new piece of art.

It feels good to give and Im sure Im going to participant again next year.

Have a beautiful day 


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Now you can buy scarves with my Mandala pattern

As you know then I love to do new things. 
Few days ago I found about about Vida. I did contact them and they contacted me back. Vida is a global partnership of co-creator, from a designer in Paris, to producer in Karachi and a consumer in San Francisco. They get in touch with artist all over the world and together they create a piece of cloth with the artist work on.
Here you can see mine, this is only a trial, I hope that it will go to production and sell a lot :)

If you like what you see you can go to this link Vida and order the scarf you like most :)
Here is a discount code you are welcome to use and you will get 15% of the price..


You would make me very happy

Have a wonderful day


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Class with Este Macleod, Explore Color

I have never painted flowers before and I really never liked painted flowers. One day a friend told me about a class by Esty Macleod. I had never heard anything about this teacher but got excited when the first one sold out in one moment. I did sign up and after signing up I found out It was all about painting flowers and fruit, or still life painting.

It was not my favorite but I thought I had to give it a try..
Este was a new kind of teacher for me, she was teaching a very different way from the teachers I had taken classes from before. But I liked her way, liked it very much. 
There was a lot for me to learn and Im still struggling.

You can see how different they are my paintings, I have the last one on my desk waiting for a time to  finish that one and I might work a little more on this one above to.

Always learning something new.

Have a great week