Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Love story

If you go to the link I´m going to add here you will go to  Tams blog.
She posted my Love Story on her blog.
You can click on my name or take a look at Tams beautiful paintings,
after her paintings she has my Love Story.

Painting by Tamara Laporte

Have a beautiful day


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My lovely tea lady and little more...

Take a look at this lovely lady, my little tea lady.
What do you think?
Last week I did blog about my experience painting with Tea, Coffee and red wine.
It did take a time because I had to let it dry in between layers
But worth it..

Now Im making more dolls. I love making dolls..
Now I have made them my style, look at their hairstyle. I love them..

Now I have to paint their faces and make them beautiful...

I love them :)

I have more ideas... cant wait to start making more.... 
You have to visit my  blog again to see what I make :)

And one more thing... Tam the one with Life Book has published my love story at her blog.. If you click here you can read my story wish comes after her beautiful paintings :)

Have a beautiful day..


Friday, May 23, 2014

Painting with tea, coffee and red wine.

In my Soul Food class we are having new teachers all the time.
 I love that because then we are learning new things all the time.
My last project was with Joyce van der Lery. 
She is a fabulous artist living in New Zeeland.

First I had to make some tea..

I did not make one ore too...

I made 12

I had a pack of Christmas Collection with 12 different tea bags.
The the is Yogi Tea and each and every bag has a quote written on the tag.

After making the tea I let it stand for a while to cool down before I did start making my palette. 

I think my palette looks beautiful with its 12 types of tea color.
On the side I did add some coffee and red wine.
I think the read wine has the most beautiful color and some of the tea colors were great too.
I did make 3 squares, painted all of them. Let it dry then I painted two of them, let it dry. In the end I painted one square and that is the darkest one having 3 rounds. 

Now I´m making a painting with all those beautiful tea colors.
You have to wait for few days to see how it look likes as it takes a long time to 
paint because for best results it is best to let it dry between layers.

Have a great weekend


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Im back to My Lovely Ladies

I have not made a Lovely Lady for a long time.
Yesterday I thought I should  try to make one or two.
I did start with the first layer, paper. Then it was a little paint and stencils.
Now I had to wait till it was dried.

So this morning I did start drawing and painting.
Im very happy with the results, think they are perfect.
Love the colors and love their look.
Hope that you like them.
I might make one more but first I have to finish 4 dolls I'm making, 
they are little different from my other dolls. 
You have to wait to see how they are different. Ill post a photo soon.

Have a beautiful week.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

A painting, a doll and a surprice from my son...

How are you to day?
 I'm fine, going to have a day in my studio.. hoping to create something beautiful.

I have not been very active for some time. But I have done a little doodle here and there, like this little bird that is just a small part of a very big painting I'm working on. Ill post a photo of the whole masterpiece in June.

And I finished one more doll, my last one of this style....  now I'm going to make my own pattern... you have to wait and see how it will turn out... I'm not going to tell..

And in the end, my son did make a logo for a little park here in our home town. Yesterday we had a culture festival for children and then the Logo was shown for the first time.
My son is 17 years old and he did not tell me he was taking a part, only when they contacted him to ask him to come and receive his awards. 

Have a great week