Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Photos from the new class Im taking..

First I have to show you this one I made for my daughter. 
There she is with her unicorn with his golden horn :)

Last week I started in a new evening class in papermache making 
and work with paper.

For the first time for the last years Im taking a class here at home, 
and a class that is not online.

The first assignment is a lady and that is not difficult for me.
We did start making the head and then we did the shoulders.

After making the head and shoulder I had to cut a hole in the shoulders where 
I could place her head. I wanted to make a lady with long neck 
with her head little to the side.

Then it was building up her face, adding a nose, lips and eyebrows, 
she does not look very cute at that time, but she is going to be beautiful, 
I promise...

Then it was time to make the hair. I did use tissue paper for the head and it was so nice working with the tissue paper, it was almost like a clay. After that I did add white tissue paper on her face and neck just to see better if the face was going to be ok.

The green thing is going to be her collar or her neckless.

Ill show you new photos next week :)

If you did not go to my blog two weeks ago or the 18 of september I want you to go there and read about Soul Food, a new class Im taking starting 30 of December.
The link is here Soul Food

Happy PPF to all of you
Have a beautiful weekend :)


  1. love your new mixed media piece and your sculpture is going to be brill.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. Love your daughter with the unicorn! Sounds like a fascinating class and look forward to seeing how it all comes along. Happy PPF!

  3. Oh how fun. I've never done papier-mâché. I have to try it some time. Yours is coming along wonderfully. I can hardly wait to see it complete. Thanks.

  4. Paper mache is such fun and I can't wait to see this as a finished piece... it is going to be wonderful...xx

    1. Thank you Tracey, Ill post more photos next week :)

  5. learning new things is so important for keeping your 'old things' fresh. can't wait to see her finished. Happy PPF

  6. Oh I'm excited to see how she turns out!! I love her pose so far!! Your daughter is piece with the unicorn!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Gorgeous unicorn! I can't wait to see the paper doll all finished. :)

  8. Your women are always beautiful. Starting with your daughter, and then this paper creation, which is adorable so far and am sure will be a long necked beauty when done! Bravo! Sigga~

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