Friday, May 3, 2013

My little trip to Benidorm...

Last week I went for a little semester with my husband and my youngest son.
We went to Benidorm, Spain. 
We have been there before but this time we did not have luck with the weather.
It was raining and blowing, did only get one beach day :(

But we did not stay in the hotel crying over the weather, we bought an umbrella and a raincoat and went for a little trip.
This picture was taken in Albir, we went there by a bus and took a long walk along the beach.
This is me and my 16 years old son.

And this is my son and my husband.

After Albir we took another bus to Altea, a small town with a beautiful hill, with a beautiful view.
We did walk up to the hill to enjoy the beautiful view. I missed the sun.
On the way down the hill again I saw a little artist shop. There were 2 "old" men painting beautiful paintings and I bought 10 prints from one of them, the other was making a big paintings on canvas, difficult to travel with, but as we were there a couple were buying one big painting from him.

On the Levante beach there were some artist too. Look how beautiful it looks, all made of sand. Dont know how they make it... and how they keep it.

I did pass this shop many times, loved this lady, finally someone looking normal..... or like me... :)

One day we did take a walk from the Bali hotel, down the road all the way to the end of Levante beach (6-7km) On the way we stopped by a little bar and there I had this drink in the middle of the day... I saw Strawberry Mohito on the meny and I had to try it. 
Cant tell you how delicious it did taste, strawberry, minta, rom and ice ♥ ♥ ♥

Before we left I made two long bird paintings, kind of like them... 10x30cm

It was nice to get home seeing my little prinsess again. My little angel is always smiling

♥ ♥ ♥

Happy PPF to all of you

Ill post some more art next week for you

Have a beautiful weekend


  1. Lovely pictures! Sorry you had bad weather, but you made the best of it. LOVE that bathing costume, it would be right for me! Valerie

  2. Enjoy your photos of Spain. Too bad about the weather but it looks like you had fun inspite of it. We have some amazing sand sculptures here in SW Florida in the Spring also. And you are right, they are artists as well.

  3. Your little angel is adorable! Lovely photos ~ wish the weather had been better for you ~ Love your birds so colorful and creative ~ Happy PPF ^_^

  4. It looks like you had the place to yourselves:)Wonderful photos of Benidorm though. I hope you had a nice time, Its just good to "get away" sometimes despite the weather. I love your bird paintings, so whimsical and the colours and designs compliment each other perfectly. Your little Princess is adorable!

  5. what a great trip you had despite the weather! The scenery is gorgeous and that sand sculpture is absolutely amazing!! Your whimsical bird paintings are wonderful and that little princess is so adorable. Thanks for sharing so many good things.Happy PPF!

  6. Sounds like a great trip. I love Altea, so full of inspiration by other artists. Loving your bird paintings also. Thank you for sharing the great photos.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  7. So glad you had a great trip, your Little Princess is so adorable!! HPPF!

  8. I love that mannequin who appears to be of a good size and looks great. Sounds like it was fun despite the rain. I'd love to go to Spain one day. I order a lot from this shop called La Tienda. My ancestors are from Spain so I feel this urge to go there. Nice photos and your birds are awesome. Thank you.

  9. So fun to see the photos! and you've painted some beautiful birds, how nice they are together, side by side :)
    and an adoring sweet little princess! =)

  10. you made the best of the weather and had a good time. it is always special to come home to such a sweet little one. happy ppf

  11. Looks like you had a great trip! Happy PPF

  12. You're right last week in Spain rained EVERY DAY, we were already in a bad mood and all, but now we can enjoy the beach and walks with little sun, I live in the north but close to the sea and the sun will gives life. Saludos

  13. Thank you for sharing those lovely vacation pictures. I'm glad the rain didn't stop you from enjoying. What serendipity to find that little art shop with the two men painting. That alone would make my day. I like your bird paintings too. I love that long shape in a painting. HPPF

  14. what fun photos of your holiday!...good for you making the best of the weather, but not many smiles in those photos!? love the birdie paintings, and your 'angel' is beautiful! happy PPF!