Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I love all my visitors, 5,884 so far and not a year...

In Mars I wrote about how many visitors I have had from all over the world. I have tried to cats each and every one to add in here but Im sure I have missed some one.
 Sometimes people comment to let me know that I had missed them..
To day I count visitors from about 60 countries... I love it, and I have had 5884 visitor and my blog is not even one year old.. Love it to..
The visitor that made me most happy was the one from India. 
You might not know but Im in love with India. 

Beautiful flower decoration at our hotel

Street photo, anyone want to buy Pop corn??

Beautiful Bangles 

Another beautiful Flower decoration.

My daughter helping my friend with the coconut for the dinner.

Salesman, selling lime and another selling masks.

These are the countries I know I have had visitors from. 

Argentina-Arizona-Australia-Belgium-Brazil-Burma-Canada-Cape Town-China-Colombia-Cyprus-Czech Republic-Denmark-Dubai-Ecuador-Egypt-Finland-France-Georgia-Germany-Greece-Guatemala-Hong Kong-Hungary-India-Indonesia-Island-Island of Bermuda and Vail-Islamabad-Italy-Isreal-Japan-Lativia-Malaysia-Manilla-Mexico-Mosambique-Mumbai-New Zealand-Nigeria-Norway-Pakistan-Philippines-Portugal-Romania-Russia-Serbia-Singapore-Slovenia-South Africa-Spain-Sweden-Switzerland-Taipai-Taiwan-Trinidad and Tobago-Turkey-United Kingdom-Ukraine-United Arab Emirates-United State of America-Venezuela


  1. Isn't it exciting to think of all the people we have met and befriended from all over the world? I love my blog connections many many of whom I think of as friends now. Fun how our art attracts others and how we are attracted to others art!

    1. Thank you Lynn, I love having you as a friend, love to take a look at your blog and see your newest draw/painting or photos.. You are doing a beautiful work..

  2. Yay..wonderful post! Beautiful pictures..gorgeous! I too think it is wonderful meeting many kindred spirits and creative souls out there and many kind friends in blogland!
    And you are fabulous!