Sunday, October 28, 2012

My sunday painting..

To day is a sunday and I decided not to go out to day,
 but to stay at home painting and I did.
After having breakfast or more like lunch I did start working on this little pice. 
The sise is 10x15 cm and I had already made the drawing of the girl as I was going to take a part in 29 faces but I had to give up
as I did not have the time to finish painting all the faces I had made.
So now I have a bunch of girls who need to be painted.
You would not believe how many hours I did spend on this one, the whole day.
A small painting is not always easier than a large one.
On her dress I did use a modeling paste, I love the way it becomes and around her head I did use a stencil, I love stencils.
Have a beautiful evening :-)

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