Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Mixed Media Artists that have inspired me most....

For little more than one year ago I had not heard about Mixed Media. I loved Kelly Ray Roberts work, bud did not think of it as something called Mixed Media. 
She was my favorite. 

One of Kelly Rae painting

Then one day I was searching the Internet and found a beautiful picture of a painting. The painters name was Joann Loftus. 
I loved the way she made her paintings, cutting, cluing, painting all in the same painting. 
I wanted so much to make paintings like she was doing. 

One of Joann Loftus painting

One day she was talking about Willowing.ning and I went there to take a look and it was like finding a goldmine for me. I signed in to a class called Life Book and took Fabulous Faces and Mandalas classes too. 
There I met Tamara Laporte, she is such a wonderful artist and her class Life Book had a new teacher every other week. It was like heven for me. 

One of Tams painting

In the Life Book classes I meet such a great teachers team, I can´t count them all inn but these are my favorite, so far ..but all are great.


Jane DesRosier

Juliette Crane

Jodi Ohl


Tracy Verdugo

Kylie Fowler

You can take a look at their blog to see what I meen, I think all of them have workshops and offer a lot of beautiful classes.

There are still more classes to come and new teachers as well.
Through Life Book I have met so many wonderful artist from all over the world and we share all kind of advise and follow each others blogs as well as we comment on each others work as well. We are together in FB groups, we take classes together and we are having so much fun. 

To day I am a member of many workshops and FG groups. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to get in contact with all these Lovely Ladies that share the interest in Mixed Media with me and have inspired me so much.

Have a beautiful day all of you.

❤ ❤ 


  1. Did you not take Jane Davenport's class in Life Book? She's fab!See you over in Flying Lessons.

    1. Hi Kathie, yes I did take her class and she was great. Like I said they were all great but some of them inspired my more than others. Next year at the Life Book is going to be great, so many great teachers.....

  2. What a great post Sigga, thank you for including me in your post. Hugs, Kyles xo

  3. I like a lot of these too, Sigga. Thanks for the links. I shall visit some more.
    Coleen in Ukraine

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  5. Sigga, thought I was already following you, but I am now. Hope you'll follow on mine too. I've bought some white cups and have my Sharpies. Just have to try the cup art. Stopping by to say Merry Christmas. Hope it is blessed with joy and family nearby.

    Coleen in Ukraine