Friday, September 18, 2015

My favorite art supply...

To day I went shopping. I did need to buy some more ink.
In Iceland there is only one shop that sells Daler Rowney ink.
I love working with the ink, the colors are so bright and beautiful.
I did have only 5 colors and to day I bought 5 more.
So now I have 10 and cant waiting to start painting.

The paint I'm in love with is Golden.
There is something about Golden Paint that makes it better than any other paint.
But they don't sell Golden in Iceland so last month when I was in the US I bought me some bottles of Golden fluid paint. Before my daughter did buy one and one color for me and brought to me when she came for visit. I cant order it, they don't send to Iceland.

 My brayer is my favorite tool, a little touch with the Brayer and I'm done.

I have some favorite stencils too. Most of them I buy online. I want to make some know I can, just waiting for the right time to find out where I can get them made after my design.

I have another favorite ink, that's ink in spray bottle, Dylissions ink by Ranger. Beautiful colors.

And of course I have a favorite paper. Dayler Rowne cold pressed watercolor paper 300 gr. I love the little rough look when painting on this paper. Sometimes I buy hot pressed paper but that's when Im going to make something very fine like my Guardian Angels.

There are many other supplies I love but these are my favorite.
Hope you liked my list.
It would be fun if you would leave me a message telling me what is your favorite art supplies.

Have a great weekend


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