Monday, September 28, 2015

I did make a beautiful bird...

Today I made this beautiful bird.
First I made his body with aluminium foil, then I covered the body with tape. After the tape I did add paper mache clay. It was not very easy using the brand I did use, i know of another brand much easier to use. Now it was a time to add some legs, I made some of wire and pearl.

When I had made a beautifully shaped bird with eyes and a little pattern here and there. I left it for some hours to dry.
When my bird was dry I did start painting.

I choose to paint him with pink, turquoise and white colors.
After the paint was dry I did add some brown paint over the whole bird and washed it of at the same time. Left in the pattern was little brown color.

Now it was time to add some feathers and a string so that I could hang him up.
I'm very happy with my bird.
Love him :)

Have a great day



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    1. Thank you Lorraine, it was very easy to make with paper maché :)