Sunday, September 13, 2015

Which artist inspires me the most...

One of my favorite painting inspired by many artist

I was asked by Patience Brewster to
write a little blog about the artist or artists that have inspired me the most. I don't have to think a lot because It is so clear for me. I love colors, bright colors. I lived in India for a year long time ago and as you know India has a very colorful community and I'm sure that I have got inspired from all the colorful Indian life. You can see colors everywhere.

Inspired after a visit to India

But a artist I think I have to say that for a long time I have loved Hundertwasse for his colorful childish paintings. I love his use of color.

Inspired after a class with Flora Bowley

But in my life now there is no doubt  that my most inspiring artist is Mystele.
I got to know Mystele when I took an online class called Life Book, a class with 52 teachers and the class lasted for a year. Something happen to me after my class with Mystele, I started painting and painting, made my Lovely Ladies, so many of them that I don't have the number of how many. 

Inspired after a class with Mystele

They were all colorful ladies with a beautiful quote in their hair.
I love Mystele´s paintings, love how beautiful ugly her ladies were, and they were all colorful. Sine then I have taken many classes from her and I still like her paintings so much and I always wish that I could paint like she does :) 

Inspired after a class with Tracy Verdugo

Now I have taken so many other classes and got inspired form other artist like Australian artist Tracy Verdugo. I love the way she paint, layer by layer with bright and beautiful colors. I had the opertunity to take her class in Stockholm few weeks ago and I enjoyed it so much.

Inspired after a class with Tracy Verdugo

I love painting and I love to make things out of my art. I wish one day some one will discover my art so that I could see my work of art in a piece of art like Patience Brewster.... are doing with their art. Go look at their page to see what they are doing, love their Christmas Ornaments.

My painting on a diary

My paintings on greeting cards

My lady as a Christmas ornament

My dolls

My lady as a wall pillow 

One day my paintings will be for sale all over the world.... you have to have dreams if you want them to come true,,,, right:) 

Have a great week