Friday, January 25, 2013

My January 2013

This is a crazy January... 
First I had my birthday, that day went well.
Had a visit form one of my systers and we had something good to eat while talking.

I did start Life Book 2013... that was a must..

A great thing happend, I got Featuring Magazine in my hands..

This is a mixed media magazine, printed in Holland, a international magazine.
I was invited to have one of my Ladies on the back... 

Her you can see her, the first in the 5 row to the left, one inch 

Bad thing happend to... I had a car accident. Driving home and the car that came on the other side of the road lose one of his tire and the tire came strait to my car and destroyed it, my best car ever..

I had to get lift home, my car was taken away by some guys on a truck to a workshop..

 But before I lost my car I had been shopping canvas for Flora Bowleys class starting now on monday.. I cant wait... Ill post a lot of pictures from that class as soon as I have something to show... I have not been working on an abstract before... exciting.

And this girls I have been finishing one after another, still have two more to finish..

And one more thing.... on monday I did start knitting online.... you know what I mean.. every day I get a new recipe

And I have to tell you one more thing.... in the beginning of January I did have my visitor nr. 10.000

So this has been a busy January as you can see.. 

Have a beautiful weekend and a happy ppf to all of you...


  1. I saw your lady on the back of Featuring. With the lower shipping to the States - I was able to order it. Great magazine. Sorry to hear about your accident - I hope no one was hurt. I always love to see your paintings!

    1. Thank you Gina. I was alone in my car and as I completly lost control of my car I think someone was watching over my. It means so much for me to have my Lady in the magazine, even if it is on the back :-)

  2. How exciting to be on that magazine! And she is my favorite of your ladies as she sits on my desk here in California!
    Love all your drawings, paintings, knitting too.

    So so sorry about the car accident and do hope you are okay now!

    Hugs from me!

    1. Hi Lynn and thank you. Im ok, but my car is not :( Hugs back to you

  3. It's okay she's on the back. I normally flip through a magazine seeing the back first!! It can also be seen as saving the best for last!

  4. Think positive! You may have had an accident but be thankful that nothing bad happened to you. Soon, things will go your way. By the way, congrats on being on the magazine!

  5. I thought your car was hit by another car! The damage looks the same as the one hit by a car. How come car bodies are this soft? But, it's good that you weren't hurt because of the accident. You should ask the person who lost the tire to pay for everything. It's his fault anyways.

  6. You really have a very busy January. You’re lucky that you’re not injured after the accident. I bet your car had great mechanics working on it to repair it as good as new. Well, I hope you can keep your car in a good condition so that the accident won’t happen again. I think you don’t want to end up being disabled after another accident, right? Keep safe! :)

    -Erminia Cavins-