Thursday, August 21, 2014

Make it in design, brief 2.

This is my second assignment for MIID (make it in design).
I have learned a little about Ai and Ps, learning something every day. Im not happy with it but I love the colors.
While trying to learn Ai and buying a class from Skillshare I found out about a online class with Bonnie Christine, hosted by Creative Live what a great class. Now Im looking at all the videos again and learning and learning. 
I think my third assignment will be made in AI, I hope so :) Im going to practice and practice :)

Have a beautiful day


  1. Such an interesting choice of colors. Makes me think of the Southwest here in the States: Arizona and New Mexico in particular. Great work here, Sister Flyer!

    1. Thank you so much Sister :) Those are my favorite colors :)