Friday, August 15, 2014

Make it in design

Im always trying something new.

I have seen on FB that so many are making patters, all kind of pattern so I did start searching for more to see. Then I found out about Make it in design summer school.
I joined without knowing much about it as there was a beginner track.
I have never worked in Photoshop or Illustrator so what to do,
 I had to learn to use Ps and Ai. 

I signed up for a at Skillshare and have spent hours by hours 
going through the programs trying to learn and Im learning.

I have now submitted two assignments, the first one was so simple and not a pattern at all but could easily be changed to pattern if I had the knowledge . It was so much work learning how to cut out all my fishes and mixing them together on a new layer. 
The theme was  Tropical Paradise.

Next brief has the theme Tribal Shapes. I submitted my work few minutes ago. That shows a pattern, a pattern like that one we use for knitting here in Iceland. 

It took me hours to make but in the end I found out how I could have copied and pasted every item as soon as I did make them in stead of using the pen tool making every little thing I made. Ill show you the results in few days. Maybe I should have used more time adding outlines but I did not.. I don't know how to :) 

Have a beautiful day



  1. Beautiful pattern. I'm a digital artist. The learning curve is always steep in digital, it seems.

  2. Thank you Kerry :) Im still struggling.... but I will learn :)