Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search

Today the announcement for the Global Talent Search competition was made. 
There where 999 entries and out of them 50 designs are  going through to the next round. 
I was one of the 999, and I did not go through for the next round.
This time it was all about Terrarium, It was fun to make and Im very happy with my painting even though I did not get through. 

You can see all 999 artworks and Im so happy being on the first page, then I did not have to go through many pages to find it. 

Hope that you take a look, there are so many beautiful artworks there.

Here are the whole group and here art the one going through for round 2.

Have a beautiful day



  1. this is beautiful! i love the turquoise and pink color block design… very nice!