Friday, June 28, 2013

It is Friday again..

How come it is Friday again, time is passing by to fast for me..
This week I have been very busy. I was getting my gift cards from the printer and I did go to few shops in Reykjavík and some did buy cards from me and are going to sell in their shop, thats feels good.... and few told me to come back in august after the sales :)

Now I have them in two sizes, small and big :)
They look so good and the paper quality is great as the colors. 

This is a watercolor painting I made of a famous mountain here in Iceland, called Snæfellsjökull

and here is another one. I have sold many of those in the gallery, turist buy them mostly. 

And in all the busy time I could finis this one, now I only have one more left to finish. I love to paint my angels, this is the only one that has short hair, dont know if I like it. 
The stamp around the angel that is like a feather is from Kristin Powers, Kae Pea, 
this is her FB page. She makes many nice stamps.
I bought a surprise bag from her once and she did send me few things and this stamp.
Love it.

One of my favorite Mixed Media artist is Juliette Crane. She does paint such a beautiful owls, bears, girls and other beautiful things. In many of her painting you can see dream catcher. I did not know what it was so I did a search on  Google and found a video on youtube to make.. and I did make one for me to have next to my bed. I dont know why I did add one black feather, I dont like that one and Im always going to change it for a purple one, Ill do it one day :) maybe the black one catches the bad dreams :)

Thats all for now

Have a beautiful weekend all of you and a happy PPF :)


  1. You do so many artistic projects and all so well. Your watercolor is so simple and lovely - and those angels look just yummy! (I realize they are not for eating LOL) HPPF

  2. Love your latest angel that background is lovely.

  3. Great details on your angels, the backgrounds are so complex. Nice work. xox

  4. congratulations on your sales and am loving your latest angel. Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. Love all your art this week! HPPF!

  6. Your paintings are all beautiful, Sigga. I love the angel with the feather like impressions around on the background.

  7. what a great collection of projects! Congrats on all your sales!! Love your angels. And your dream catcher-I love the idea of the black feather taking away the bad dreams!

  8. I think your angel is beautiful Sigga, I love her clothes and the feather background they make wonderful cards. The water colour mountain looks great in the frame. I am not surprised they are selling in the gallery. I think you are right about the black feather and think you should keep it:)

  9. I like your short haired angel very much! And your dream catcher, too. I made one once, years ago. I even made a tiny pair of dream catcher earrings. I think you should keep the black feather, if it will catch the bad dreams. :)

  10. Sigga, your mountain painting is awesome! Love the blue and white look! Cute angel :)
    Nice to hear that your art is having a great market :)
    I LOVE Dream-catchers and have been planning to paint in one of my works for very long...I have to do it soon. See you have inspired me!

  11. So many beautiful pieces, I love the mountain view;) and your sweet angel, because I adore her socks ! ♥ Conny

  12. your paintings are so lovely...and my favorite is the dream catcher !!