Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seven more and Im ready for my third Exhibition....this year..

Now I have thirteen Lovely ladys ready, seven more to paint and Ill be ready for my third Exhibition this year, not bad..
I kind of like this friend of mine. 
Before she had a blue curly hair and a green dress but I did not like her dress so I made her change. Then I did send her to the hairdresser to change the color of her hair and make it strait...
Im waiting for the school to finish, three more weeks.. I cant wait although I love my job..
This time of the year Im always tired and counting the days till the school bell ring for the last  time.
Now I´m very much behind with the Live Book, but I have the summer to catch up so I can follow the rest.
Have a nice evening.. where ever you are :-)


  1. She is gorgeous Sigga... and love that she went to the hairdressers to have her hair straightened... and wow... look at you go... third exhibition coming up... how incredibly awesome...

    Jenny x

    1. Thank you Jenny, there is a story behind all of my Ladies.. Yes that is little to much maybe but then Ill take a brake..

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