Thursday, February 7, 2013

My class with Flora Bowley

I have started on Flora Bowleys 5 weeks online class
I did not know what to expect but so far in week two Im very happy but little confused as  I dont know where this will take me

We have been adding layer after layer on a big canvas, painting, spraying, painting with fingers, rubbing, stamping and just everything

Every day is a new thing to do and two days we paint, but of cours we are painting all week long, adding little more here and there

One day we should draw in many ways like with music, blind, without lifting our pens and I was so glad after drawing my left hand drawing

I did draw one more Lovely Lady and as you can see she came out almost perfect...

I have never before been drawing with my left hand so I think this is pretty good :)

One day we draw a mandala, starting with a one point, that was fun

I wanted to color mine and I think she came out beautiful

Here Ill show you the process of 3 big canvas im working on far away from finished.. 

So there is a mess in my garage now, I love using the spray bottle
but my dog is not so happy when I start spraying as he is always laying next to me while Im painting :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a happy PPF..


  1. drawing with your non dominant hand must be so difficult but you did an amazing job. Love the mandala but those background canvases look amazing.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. Oh. It is so fun to see what you are doing in Floras class. Keep on posting. I'd love to see how your big paintings evolve.

  3. This is so fun and can't wait to see more as you work thru the class! HPPF!

  4. this seems like an interesting class. i've come across flora's name in quite a few art blogs so she must be good!

  5. Wonderful work ~ and do I see a little doggie in the photo ~

    Carol of: (A Creative Harbor)
    visiting from PPF

  6. Your class sounds fun. You did a great job with your left hand. I can write with both hands but I don't think I could draw. And the colors in the lower works are awesome.

  7. Enjoy this class! I just finished it and I loearned so much. Love all you're doing. Happy PPF!

  8. Wonderful canvases, love the way you use color! Beautiful mandala! Seems like you are having a great time! :)

  9. Your left handed lovely lady is wonderful. I've done some left handed drawing -- it's very freeing. Don't think about where your painting class is taking you - just go there!!! HPPF

  10. Love your splashes of color all over your canvases!! I've never attempted left handed drawing but yours looks pretty darn good.Beautiful mandala too!

  11. You are so good that even using your non dominant hand it comes out well! such beauties you have created this week! Happy PPF!

  12. Oh, yummy colors! Looking forward where you take them from here!

  13. This work is all so fabulous!! Love the mandala and the canvases...excellent and even the left handed girl wow .... Can't wait to see the finished project!!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. I love your painting area. Lots of plastic everywhere. Looks like at my home with my painting area, I have tarps everywhere. Loved seeing the layers of your canvases.