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I was interviewed by Joan Carver

A MSoaring to Success 

          Interviews of Artists, Writers and Photgraphers

                   Their work, creative spaces and techniques

                                          An Artist from Iceland!!! 

                                            Sigga Dis

1. Introduce yourself.  Name, City, State, Country  .. and describe what you do, what’s your passion? 

Sigga Dis, That's Me!
My name is Sigga Dís, I’m a mixed media artist living in Keflavík, Iceland. I am an art teacher, teaching art to children age 6-16 and I love my job. I’m 54 years old, married and a mother of 3 beautiful children age 15, 23 and 27. Last year, I became a grandmother and that is such a great experience. 

2. When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

Since I was a little girl I have been painting, drawing, 
working with clay or just creating. 
Creating and traveling is what I love to do.

3. What are your fears?  How have you faced them?   

My fears are that people don’t like my art, but so far after 6 or 7 exhibitions that all went very well and selling so many paintings that I have stopped counting, I think that I don’t have to be afraid. I’m working on my self, telling my self that I’m an artist.

Sigga 's Art Exhibition in September

4. What makes you different…unique from others?    

I don’t know if something makes me unique or different but
 My Lovely Ladies are unique, I´m so much in love with each and 
every one of them, they are like my friends.

She is my absolute favorite "Lovely Lady"

Fish Face                               

5. Any secrets to reveal about the tools you use or your techniques?  
Tips or tricks? 
I have no secrets, but maybe one thing I can say about my painting 
is that I can be painting on a big canvas or doing a crazy 
mixed media using even my fingers without getting a spot on my clothes. 
You should see the mess on my desk.

My workspace - a big mess around me!

6. What are your goals and inspirations?  
Where will you hope to be in 2 years?  5 years?  10 years?
I would love to stop working and start painting all day long. 
Maybe I can one day, I hope so. I’m taking classes all the time 
and my goals are to learn as much as I can as long as I can.
 I love to learn new things and techniques.

7. Where is your creative space or studio?   

I have been all over the house but now I have a room of my own where 
I have my books, computer and all my artist stuff. 
But as I’m taking Flora Bowleys class I’m painting in my garage, 
working on big canvas using spray bottles and lot of mess.
I have been thinking about getting me a studio outside 
the home but I always find out it is best to stay at home 
because then I have everything there if I get an extra minute. 

I paint in my garage while taking Flora Bowleys class

8.How much time do you devote to your work?  
(Is it at same time everyday? Are you disciplined to go into your 
studio at 9:00am every morning?  
Or do you wait until you are in a creative mood?)

I use almost every extra minute I have in my room painting, 
if not I’m knitting or croqueting.

One of my favorites. This was a special project.

9. What are your “whispers” or callings begging you to do? 
What made you decide to take this e-course with Kelly Rae Roberts? 
What do you want to achieve?

My “whispers” are calling me to follow my dreams and go to India again. 
I would like to stay there for few months doing meditation and yoga, 
and try to catch the colors of India. 
I did take Kelly Rae Roberts class because I love her work and I love 
what she has made of her work. I have been doing a little of that myself 
but Iceland is such a small country with such a small market.

Some of my stuff, my diary, my bookmarks and 
my tote bags...(below)

my diary
10. Do you keep a daily journal or sketchbook, or write in a diary?  
These are usually very interesting  & very charming to share- 
ike a peek into the life of an artist.
No I don’t, but I do always have a sketchbook with me so I have a few. 
What I do is that if I get an idea of a painting I make a sketch 
first so for most of my paintings I have a sketch. 
I have my Lovely Ladies sketchbook for sale in my Etsy shop.

One of my Bookmarks
My Totebags

11. How do you market yourself?
There I would love to get help, I’m not good in that. 
I do have anEtsy Shop  and I do have a FaceBookpage 
but most I have been selling my paintings when I’m having an exhibition. 
My books, bookmarks and the other stuff I’m selling on Etsy, 
and in 3 local stores but most I’m selling to the people around me. 
I also have a blog, be sure and check it out!

From one of the shops that are selling my paintings and my other things

12. What type of music (if any) do you listen to when you create?
Soft music, I have to have some music when I’m painting. 
Today, I love Adele and all kinds of meditation music.

From Floras class

13. Who is your favorite artist, photographer, author? …  I
n other words, who do you admire, and look up to?
They are so many. Of Icelandic one I love Louísa Matthíasdóttir.
Hundertwasser, Chagall and Gaudy are great too, and so many more,
 but those that inspire me most are Kelly Rae Roberts, Flora Bowley, 
Tracy Verdougu, Juliette Crane and many more Mixed Media ladies.

My first one in Flora Bowley´s  class, I call it Be Brave.

14. Are you encouraged to follow your creative path
 by your family or friends?

Yes, now they do, I think they have begun to understand how
 much it means to me.

15. How do come up with titles for your work…whether it be paintings, 
short stories, a novel, or other artwork?
That’s the easy part, It´s just there and people have been telling me 
how they love the names I give my "Fly on the Wings of Love",
 "Believe in Yourself"..I use inspirational and encouraging titles! 

Many times I take photos of the process from the beginning to the end.

16. Do you work on one project at a time.. or have several 
going on at a time?
I think now I have about 20 maybe more… I’m taking Life Book 2013, 
just finished Lifebook 2012. There I have few on my desk waiting 
to be finished. I’m taking class with Flora Bowley there I have 
4 big canvas I’m working on. Then I have few mandalas and few Zentangles, 
little of small paintings and few mixed media works.

I Love to Doodle

You can take a look in my etsy 
or you can search my if you want 
to see them. If you visit my blog you might have to go down few 
pages because I have been doing very different paintings lately and 
please leave me a comment!

THANK YOU Sigga Dis.. 

Your artwork is lovely!  It is colorful and unique! I always amazes me, 

that eventhough we all are from all over this world, we, as artists, 
still have the same passion for art, the same whispers, and similar 
goals we love to  reach! I may never meet you in person but I feel like 
I know you, now, and that we are friends, fellow artists, 
because of the wonderful age of computers!
Thank you letting us get to know you and for sharing not 
only your artwork, but take a peek into your creative space!   
Your journey has certainly lead to you 
having wings....   Fly, baby, fly!!!    Joan

P.S. Your English is fantastic!!! (be proud!!)

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