Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nothing to show you...

As i told you last week then Im staying at a great Helth Hotel in Iceland, 
eating only vegetable and fruits, exersising and feeling great.
I took with me a little box of supplies and paper. 
And today I did start painting. I made this beautiful little girl 
but I dont know why I cant add photos 
I took of my panting from my Ipad to my blog, anyone?
So I have nothing to show you as Im away from home.
Im so sorry..


  1. I can't post from my iPad either even with the app it does not work. Frustrating when you think you can use the iPad for everything and it has so many limitations. I always have to use my computer. Good luck to you!
    Sounds like fun in Iceland :)

    1. Thank you Jupiter, that is a big minus for the ipad.