Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Exhibition year 2014

Those photos are from my Exhibition at Kaffitár Coffeehouse 
in my hometown Keflavík.
The Exhibition started on Friday and is going to last to 22/9 2014.

Here I have 11 30x40 cm Mixed Media paintings.

The Coffeehouse invited all gests to taste great coffee drinks and cold tea drinks, they did also have cakes and all kind of snacks for the guests.

The owner of the coffeehouse and the coffee master standing beside my favorite panting 150 x 150 cm big.

My guestbook and my cards ready for the guests.

Here you can see one of my 80 x 100 cm big paintings.

Hope that you like what you see, Ill add more photos later.

Have a wonderful day



  1. Love what I'm seeing here! Kudos to you for working hard and having your work recognized!