Sunday, November 9, 2014

Im painting and painting and painting......

After being inspired by Mystele in her Gut Art class I have been painting and painting.
I always get so inspired by her, love the way she paints.

I loved to make these three, so Im making three more :)

They are small or 12x18 cm and Im going to get them framed.
Im going to make some more and then find a small place to have a little exhibition..
I love to see small paintings on a small wall in a cosy coffee house...
Let me know if you know about some place :)

Have a beautiful sunday



  1. These are looking great! It is such a wonderful feeling to be so inspired that you can't stop painting, isn't it!?

    1. Thank you Denthe :-) yes it is. Siometimes it is difficult to wait while the painting is drying :-) Most of the time Im working on 3 at the time :-)