Thursday, April 9, 2015

New class... Animalitos - mini mojo workshop

Have you heard about Tracy Verdugo??

She is one of my favorite mixed media artist.
First time I heard about her was in my Life Book class 2012 or 2013.
She was a teacher there and I really enjoyed her class.

Since then I have been following her and now Im taking her mini class, she is also having online class, the big one.

This year she is traveling around the world, teaching classes and if everything will work Im going to take one of her classes, live.. 

Im so excited, talking to her and learning from her in person together with other amazing artist from all over the world. 

In the class Im taking now, Mini Mojo we are playing with ink.
I love ink, low to watch it flow on the paper making beautiful pattern.

This was my first try, Im happy with it even though I did only have yellow ink and some Golden high flow colors. 

So I went shopping.... bought me some more colors and pens... ready to try my new colors..

And look, so bright and beautiful. Love playing with my inks..

Tracy did write a book last year, I bought me a copy on Amazon 

This is her book, beautiful cover and more beautiful inside. 
I was reading in her book and after reading I made this little elephant.
Tracy makes the most beautiful elephants.

I did try to make my own elephant, cute but far from what I want to be able to make... practice, practice, practice...

You can join her class if you want, here is the link to her class..

Have a great weekend



  1. Beautiful colourful work, Valerie

  2. Gorgeous work and colours... good for you taking that class live!! I can hear your excitement!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Thank you, you are right, Im so excited :)

  3. fantastic paintings! I do know of Tracy and have thought about getting her book. I do love her style and use of inks. Fingers are crossed for you that you do get the opportunity to take a live class with her!

    1. Thank you, Tracy is a lovely lady and a great teacher :) I recommend her book if you like her colorful art :)

  4. Awesome paintings. I've heard of Tracey. Have fun with the class. Love your colorful blog.

  5. Oh, I love your ink-"trials", the colours are gorgeous. I did a live workshop with Tracy last year in Australia and loved it. You will enjoy her class!

    1. Thank you Denthe, I cant wait to learn from her live :-)

  6. I've always loved your art. You have such a particular style... Love Tracy's art too. Have fun with the class. We always learn so much from others, don't we? xx

    1. Thank you Pauline for your nice comment, yes we are always learning and growing :-)