Thursday, April 7, 2016

30 faces in 30 days....

One more challange..

Im not finished with my 100 Mandala challenge 
only few days left..
But Im already taking part in a new challenge, 
30 faces in 30 days.

I love challenge like that, I think there will be more to come..

Day one, Drips  and Splashes..

Day two.. Dream..

Day three, Text..

Day four, Wings..

Day five, white..

Day six, Twins..

Day seveb, Animal Spirit..

1 comment:

  1. Oh how your art touches my soul - happy sigh. I LOVE these faces of yours... Please DON'T STOP - I want to see more.... (Big Giant Smile). I would love if popped over to my blog for a visit, I recently wrote a post about my own art journey where I finally broke through an Art block and for the first time painted the faces I have been seeing in my head all my life. But since I made those paintings one week ago I have been afraid to make any more... Your art inspires me to go make more! (((Hugs))) and Namaste