Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Im painting and painting...

Im enjoying the summer, having all the day just for me and my paint.
Three more weeks and then Ill start working again.
I took a little class last week, Birds on Birds taught by Alison O´Donoghue.
I love the new method I learned there and have been mixing it with my art in my new paintings which I cant show you yet as they are going to be on an exhibition. Ill tell you all about later. 

But I can show you the one I did practising..

This one is the first one I made, finished and signed :)

That one is my second one and already in frame :)

The third and last one is painted on Camembert cheese wooden box. I love this one round and funny. 

I love this method and soon i can show you how I have used in my art with my beautiful lovely ladies :)

Have a great day


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