Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good morning, good morning..

Im am still painting my lovely ladies. I dont know what I did paint before I had my class with Mistele. Something happend to me after that class. I love painting this way and I think my Lovely Ladies now are about 15. All of them or the most of them are having this big nose and their eyes ar not like a normal eyes, but I think they are so cute. 
Im having an exhibition in a little coffeehouse and the first day I did sell 5 of 12. Im so happy that Im selling, knowing that there is someone out there who likes what Im doing.  
If you are looking for a online class I recommend that is a wonderful girl name Tam that is having a lot of online classes with lot of teachers, fabulous teachers. I did start with the Fabulous Faces, then Mandala class and these two I did while I was waiting for The Live Book to start, but Live Book is a one year online class with Tam and 15 other teachers so almost every week we have a new class.
What a great way to start. 

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